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Fundraising on Facebook

Fundraising On Facebook

It facilitates Facebook fundraising since users can give their donations without having to leave Facebook.

Tips for fundraising on Facebook

Facebook remains a social media giant considering its more than two billion active users in a month. Many people continue to use the platform for connections, whether personal, business, or non-profits. But Facebook also utilizes its power to facilitate online fundraising by developing enabling features and eliminating several barriers. This makes fundraising on facebook a very cost-effective process.  

If you are yet to begin fundraising with Facebook for your organization, you are losing out. So, how do you go about it? In this post, we give you tips on how your group or organization can ask for contributions on Facebook.

1. Facebook Ads

Do you run Facebook ads for your organization? Non-profits now realize that the greatest method to improve their profile visibility is through running ads on Facebook. But to make the deal even better, it is now possible to collect contributions directly from your adverts instead of forcing your visitors to go back to your page to contribute. By adding a donate button, it becomes more convenient to collect donations from your ads. 

2. Live Streams (Facebook Page)

Live streaming on Facebook is among the best ways to connect with people on the platform.  But even as you connect with people, you can also solicit contributions for your non-profit. Before you begin to stream, hit on the three dots button that brings up more options on the bottom left edge of the screen. After that, click on the “Add Donate Button” and choose a non-profit. 
When you go live, check at the bottom of the live video, and you will see an attached button for the cause you chose. It allows friends and fans to easily contribute as they watch the video or after posting it. The raised amount is visible to the public. 

3. Live Streams (Fundraising on Facebook)

Although this option is not popular with many people, it is a great option to increase video engagement on Facebook. It is quite similar to the live stream mentioned earlier, but this one involves your supporters going live to solicit your non-profit’s contributions. 
After creating a fundraiser, they add a donate button to the live video allowing viewers to donate to the fundraiser as they watch the video after publishing it. Since only a few people know are aware of this option, you might have to reach out to video-savvy supporters and request them to do that for your cause. 

It facilitates Facebook fundraising since users can give their donations without having to leave Facebook.

-Donate Button!

4. Facebook on Facebook Donate Button 

Qualifying non-profits have had access to the Donate button since 2013, but only recently that more people realize its value. It facilitates Facebook fundraising since users can give their donations without having to leave Facebook. Additionally, the button emerges on your supporter’s peer-to-peer pages once they contribute to your cause. 
The donate button becomes even more useful in fundraising with Facebook since it allows linking the user’s credit card to their account, making it easier to make a secure contribution. 

5. Individual Members of Your Network 

At the time of this writing, you cannot use Facebook fundraisers on your page. They are currently available to your profile, allowing you to solicit contributions directly to your Facebook profile. It is similar to a peer-to-peer page but hosted on Facebook, and you can use it to raise donations for your non-profit. All a person needs to do is create a personal campaign or check out for the non-profit you wish to support and directly create a fundraiser. 

Fundraising on Facebook

An Easy Option to raise Funds Today!

You now have tips for fundraising with Facebook but keep in mind that you should do it in moderation. Besides, success in raising donations on Facebook requires you to be creative, dedicated, and persistent. Well, that could be a challenge, and you might feel stuck. But we can help you; at you’re sure to find the best fundraising program for your non-profit. 
 All you need is to visit and purchase high-quality products, then sell at a profit for your organization, whether it is a sports team, school fundraisers, or more. So, take a look around to find the best fundraising program and easy fundraising ideas for your non-profit today. 

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