Q&A: Quick Fundraisers for Medical Expenses

Q&A: Quick Fundraisers for Medical Expenses

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Here’s a question we got from one of our readers who needed a quick fundraiser for medical expenses.


I am emailing you because I need to run a fundraisier. My father is having surgery soon. I need something pretty quick like. If you could help me that would be wonderful.


Dear Reader,
We are really sorry to hear about your father. We hope you can raise your funds really soon.
Here are some ideas:
You can set up a magazine fundraiser, it’s really simple and fast. You just have to enter email addresses of your friends and family. They are in turn invited to a magazine store where they can purchase or renew their favorite magazine subscriptions at up to 85% off newsstand prices. You then in turn get 40% profit by check, delivered right to your door!
If you want to do a quick product fundraiser such as candy bars, beef jerky, lollipops, scratchcards or other you can call a fundraising consultant at 1-866-891-0053.

Find more tools for personal fundraising in our list of Online Fundraising Tools.

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