Q&A: Raising Funds for a School Trip

Q&A: Raising Funds for a School Trip

A USA Fundraising reader asks how to raise funds for a high school trip to Europe.


My daughter, a sophomore in high school, needs ideas on how to raise money for a trip to Europe.  She was chosen to participate in a music festival, which takes place in July and needs help raising $4000.00.  Any ideas?


Congratulations to your daughter for being chosen for such a great trip!

One of our favorite fundraisers for individual fundraising like this is the online magazine fundraiser (you can find it at  The reason is that it’s so easy to do and because it’s online, it gives you a very wide reach to reach out to everyone you know across the US using the built-in email feature.  It’s also free, so you aren’t having to spend any money upfront.  The program gives you your own online magazine store, so if you, your daughter or other family members use Facebook, MySpace or another “social networking” type application, you can even promote your fundraiser there by posting the URL (web address) of your magazine store.

If there are other students going on the trip, it might also be a good idea to get together with those parents and organize a fundraising sale.  You could pool your resources to purchase products like chocolate, candy or lollipops and ask a local business or community center if they’ll allow you to sell outside their store or office.  With the group, you could also try to organize events like a car wash, bake sale or BBQ.

Another great way to raise funds is to have a yard sale.  Set aside a day to go through your home and collect all the things you no longer want or need that are still in good condition.  Get your whole family involved, and ask friends and neighbors if they will donate some of their unwanted items.  You get to raise funds, and they get the clutter cleared out for them!  Collect things like books (cookbooks are always great sellers), old toys, small appliances, small pieces of furniture, glassware, sportswear and equipment, tools, household ornaments, picture frames, even clothes you no longer wear but are still in good condition.  You’ll surprised how much you have in your own home, and how much you can raise!  If you or a family member has a skill for baking, you can even set up a bake sale table for extra profits.

I hope these ideas help get you started!  If you need any more details on how to run a specific fundraiser, or need more ideas, please let us know.

Happy Fundraising!

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