Fundraising Tip –  Dress for Fundraising!

Fundraising Tip – Dress for Fundraising!

If your group, team or organization has a uniform, wearing that dress for fundraising events and activities can have a big impact on your success.  Don’t miss out on this money-making tip!

Are you fundraising with a sports team, or with Boy Scouts or Girl Guides, or any other group that has a regular uniform?  Is your group wearing their uniforms for fundraising?  They should be because it can have a big effect on the success of your fundraiser!

When you and your group wear your uniforms to a fundraising sale or event, you bring authenticity to your fundraiser.  There’s no question about where the money will be going, and your fundraiser looks official when everyone is dressed for the part.

In addition, your group is more likely to work as a team if you’re dressed like one.  This can be a great benefit because when everyone’s working together, great things happen.  Also, when you make it clear that the group’s success depends on teamwork, every individual will be doing their best to contribute to the goal.

If your group doesn’t have a uniform, logo t-shirts and hats, sweatshirts, track suits and any other article of clothing featuring your group name and logo will work just as well as long as everyone participates in wearing them proudly.  If you’re the adult leader of a youth organization, set the example by wearing yours too.

As an added bonus, it’s much easier to keep track of everyone when they’re dressed in matching colors, which is key when fundraising with children (For safer fundraising, always be sure to have plenty of responsible adult leaders, use the buddy system, and never let children leave the area where you can see them unless accompanied by an adult leader).

When you and your group dress for fundraising success, you create a winning team that brings you one step closer to your goals!

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