Boy Scout Fundraising Made Easy

Boy Scout Fundraising Made Easy

Get helpful tips and advice on choosing a Boy Scout fundraiser, and ensuring you have the support and participation of Scouts and parents.

There are lots of great products, programs and events that work well for Boy Scout fundraising.  The trick is to choose something exciting that will get the group motivated, but also something that’s going to sell well, and bring in some great profits to help pay for all those fun and enriching activities the kids love!  You can do this by combining programs, or by choosing one very strong fundraiser.  Most importantly, you need to have the full support of parents, and the participation of your members.

Let’s Choose Your Fundraiser!

Combine Events with Products

A great idea is to diversify your fundraiser by combining products with events.  This actually isn’t that difficult, and the payout is usually well worth it.  By diversifying, you can take advantage of a tried, tested and true program that pretty well guarantees results, and try something new and exciting at the same time that will boost enthusiasm, and could have a very exciting and profitable outcome!

Some great ways to combine fundraisers are:

Host a fundraising event and sell a product at the same time.  For example:

–  Host a fundraising dinner and auction to auction off donated items and services.
–  Have a car wash and sell snacks to customers.  See this article on car wash fundraisers for more information.
–  Host a fundraising luncheon where people can also place orders for gourmet food items like cheesecakes or cookie dough.

· Have a fundraising sale as a build up to an event.  For example:

–  Print out flyers for an upcoming fundraiser games day and hand them out during a candy bar sale about 2 weeks before the event.
–  Run an online fundraiser and use your website and emails to advertise an upcoming event.  See this article to learn more about setting up a fundraising website

Another Boy Scout fundraising option is to combine 2 products like candy bars and Scratchcards, or magazines and flower bulbs.

Great Single Fundraisers:

If your time and resources only allow for one product or program, make the most of it with choices that you know from past experience are successful.

Some great fundraisers for Boy Scouts are:

Candy Bars

–  You may be thinking, ‘but everyone does candy bar fundraisers!’  You’re right, and there’s a reason for that.  They work!  Candy bars have been used for fundraising for decades because it’s an easy to organize program with a high payout.


–  Popcorn is a classic Boy Scout fundraiser, so you know it’s going to be successful.  Best of all, popcorn is a great seller all year round, so you aren’t restricted by the seasons.  Whenever you fundraise, popcorn is a sure winner for Boy Scouts!

Car Wash

–  For summer fundraising, nothing beats a good car wash – especially with Boy Scouts!  You’re offering a service people actually want, and the kids have so much fun with it, they don’t even realize it’s work!  Car washes are also a low-cost way to raise big profits.

Let’s Get Support!

Get Parents Involved

A common mistake is assuming that parents know about the fundraiser.  Letters and notices don’t always make it home, and can easily be overlooked by busy parents.  It’s your job to verbally inform, and physically place notices directly in their hands.

Your best opportunity to get parents involved is when they drop kids off, and pick them up from meetings.  When speaking with parents, be excited about the fundraiser and use positive words.  Avoid things like, “We need you to help out with the fundraiser.”  Instead try, “The kids are so excited about the candy bar sale this year.  Would you like to be involved?  I think it could really help us reach our goal!”

The key is to invite, not instruct parents to get involved, and to gently remind them how important their support is to ensuring the kids get the most out of their Scouting experience.

Motivate the Troops

Boy Scouts are known for their energy and enthusiasm.  Make sure that comes into your fundraiser too by creating an atmosphere of excitement!  You can do this in several ways.  Here are a few suggestions:

– Create competition with prizes and rewards for your biggest sellers.
– Set prize levels depending on how much is sold.  For example, a prize or reward for every 20 dots completed on a Scratchcard.
– Set a group goal and promise to reward the whole group with a party or fun activity when the goal is achieved.
– Have a fundraiser kick-off party to start the action off right!

The number one way to get your group excited is to have a positive attitude.  It will rub off on the kids, and they’ll be jumping with fundraiser joy in no time!

Remember that Boy Scout fundraising is most successful and rewarding when everyone has a great time.  Raising money is important, and the whole reason you’re doing the fundraiser in the first place, but by being creative and staying positive, you can turn it into a fun learning experience for the kids as well.  After all, it’s all about the kids!

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