Brochure Fundraisers vs. Direct Sale Fundraising

Brochure Fundraisers vs. Direct Sale Fundraising

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Planning a fundraiser can be confusing for new fundraising coordinators. You almost need to learn a new language! Get started with some basics about the differences between brochure fundraising and direct sale fundraising.

Fundraising with brochures is always a good option if you’re not sure how many items to order. With a brochure fundraiser, you can order brochures for each person in your group, so each person can take orders.

Brochures for product fundraisers always show pictures and descriptions of the available product(s), as well as price information, and include order forms. Fundraising brochures are usually free.

The direct sales approach also has advantages. When you have a product in hand, people are more likely to buy it – and may even buy more than one – because they can see it right in front of their eyes.

So how do you decide? If you are unsure which approach is best for your group, you can talk to a product fundraising representative, whose job is it to help you determine the best fundraising approach for your group.

To talk to a fundraising representative about leading product fundraisers, and help you determine which fundraising approach will work best for your group, call 1-866-891-0053.

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