Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

Thanking supporters is a crucial part of the fundraising process.  Get great tips on thanking supporters so they feel appreciated and continue to support your cause.

Thanking people is a crucial part of fundraising.  Actually it’s a crucial part of life, but especially in fundraising!

Why say thank you?  First of all, to thank people for giving their time or money.  You know how good it feels to be appreciated, why not let someone else know as well?  Taking a few minutes to thank someone will help your sponsors feel rewarded – and of course, it’s fantastic public relations. It will definitely make a difference in how much they will contribute to your cause in the future, and how they will spread the word about your cause.

There are various ways to thank someone.  It’s best to keep it simple, because you don’t want your supporters worrying that you are spending the money they donated to thank them.  A simple phone call or a quick thank-you letter will surely put smiles on your supporters’ faces… and doing both will keep them smiling all day.  If you invite your sponsors to an annual meeting or fundraising event on your premises, you may also want to showcase a special plaque or poster naming the individuals and companies who donated throughout the year.

Make sure your thank-you is personalized.  If it’s a phone call, be sure to be sincere: people can sense when you smile over the phone.  If it’s a thank-you letter, be sure to sign it, and remember that handwritten notes are always treasured!

Whatever method you choose, just be sure to always take a few minutes after your fundraiser (whether an event, activity or sale) to thank everyone that helped contribute to your fundraising success!

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