A Very Special Thank You for Supporters

A Very Special Thank You for Supporters

My cousin Laura is participating in the Cancer Society’s Relay for Life charity walk this summer, and had a fantastic idea for getting supporters more involved.

Our family has been touched by cancer in many ways, so when Laura started sending out her emails, asking for support, of course I was willing to donate.

This is the second year Laura has participated, and the second year I have supported her.  What was different this year was that, after donating, I got another email from Laura with a second request.

A Second Request

Laura’s second request was for the name of someone I would like to be remembered.  She was asking everyone who supported her to send a name, which she would then print on the t-shirt she wears the night of the walk.

I thought this was such a wonderful idea that I just had to share it with you.  A request like this is so special because:

• It gets supporters involved in your cause, and really makes them feel like they’re a part of what you’re doing too.

• I wasn’t told beforehand that she would be doing this, so being offered this incredible gift after donating made it that much more special.

• It’s a great way to thank your supporters, and show them how much their support means to you.

As the summer months get closer, I know many of you are gearing up for charity fundraising events yourselves.  You may even be participating in a Relay for Life event in your community.  A special gesture like Laura’s doesn’t cost you anything, so all the money you raise will go straight to the cause, and it really goes a long way towards making your supporters feel involved.

As for Laura, thank you for such a wonderful gift!  It means a lot, and I’m very proud of you.

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