Go Green Fundraising Ideas

Go Green Fundraising Ideas

3 exciting and successful fundraising ideas to help you and your group reach your goals while making a difference in your community and the environment.

Everyone’s going green these days with earth-friendly products, recyclable materials, reusable containers, and even low-emission cars.  So why not have a “Go Green Fundraiser” to raise funds, promote awareness, and teach kids and your community about earth-friendly practices!

What is a Go Green Fundraiser?  It’s pretty much any sale or event that promotes earth-conscious choices.  Here are some great ideas for your Go Green Fundraiser:


An Adopt-a-Tree fundraiser is a great way to raise funds, teach children about the role trees play in our everyday lives, and do something meaningful for the environment.  Supporters adopt a tree for a pre-determined price.  You then hold a tree-planting ceremony for supporters to attend.  Supporters can help with the planting, and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of games and refreshments.

Green Motion Marathon

Green motion means that participants can take part in your marathon using any type of transportation they wish, as long as their vehicle of choice is 100% earth-friendly.  That means bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, your own 2 feet, or any other means of getting around that has a low impact on the earth.

Community Cleanup

One of the biggest pollution problems we have is littering!  City parks and other public gathering places are often full of trash and graffiti.  Raise funds by choosing a public area in need of a good cleanup, and get members of the community to sponsor your group.  You only need a few supplies, and lots of energy and dedication for this event.


Make your next fundraising campaign your ‘greenest’ yet with a  Go Green Fundraiser !

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