Great Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Teams

Great Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Teams

Looking to raise some money for your cheerleading squad? There are tons of great fundraising ideas out there to have cheerleaders cartwheeling their way to success. Here are a few fundraising ideas for inspired cheerleaders out there.

Cheerleading/Athletic Contest

Putting on a show is a great way to bring people together. If your cheerleaders get permission to use the school field, they can arrange an athletic event like a powder-puff football game, cheerleading competition, or talent show. Charge admission and sell snacks at the event to fundraise. Football players and other students can join in, too!

Restaurant Fundraiser

Set up a fundraiser night with a local restaurant in order to take in some of the profits. It’s a good deal for the eateries that want to bring in more customers. They’re basically paying you for advertising them. Make fundraiser night an event by cheering on diners as they eat or hosting performances if the restaurant has a stage.

Car Wash

A good summer fundraiser, the car wash has little to no upfront costs so you can make good profits. Still, try to make it cheaper than the local professional car wash. Talented cheerleaders can put on a routine to attract drivers from the street. Use signs to let them know what team and school you’re raising money for.

Local Sponsorship

Getting a local business to back your cheerleading team can be very profitable. This type of sports fundraiser is normally used for college level teams, but cheerleaders can take advantage of it, too. This fundraiser works best if you already know a business owner and have a plan for showing off their sponsorship. Offer to put the business logo on uniforms, paperwork, signs, and things you hand out at games. Make it worth their while!

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