Green Fundraising with Funding Factory

Green Fundraising with Funding Factory

Have you heard of groups that do fundraising by recycling old cell phones and ink cartridges? Here is how your school or organization can get started on this year-round green fundraiser.

Funding Factory has been working to help groups raise funds through recycling for over 10 years by providing an easy way to recycle printer cartridges and cell phones.

As the largest recycling fundraising program, Funding Factory has helped schools, universities, libraries, scout troops, churches, synagogues, libraries – pretty much every type of group – raise a total of over $20 million.

There are over 350 million printer cartridges and 35 million cell phones thrown away every year. What better way to raise funds than collecting something your supporters would have just thrown away?

Your group can prevent these items from contributing to waste and pollution, and contribute a measurable impact on the environment. Every laser printer cartridge your group collects will prevent a half gallon of oil from being wasted.

The program is simple:

1. Sign up for a free online account at

2. Promote your fundraiser by using the free resources section in your online Funding Factory account to download sample fundraising letters, emails, posters, radio announcements, and more.

3. Collect printer cartridges and cell phones from parents, community members, and especially local businesses.

4. Ship the items for free via UPS – Funding Factory even provides you with free, pre-labeled boxes!

When Funding Factory receives your shipment, you will get points for all eligible items. You can use your points to shop for over 9,000 items including playground systems, recreational equipment, technology, classroom aids and other equipment. Or, if your group doesn’t need any equipment, convert your points into cash, sent in a monthly check.

This recycling fundraiser is something your group can do year-round. This is the kind of fundraiser where the longer you run it, the more people will find out about it and get into the habit of dropping off their used items at your school or organization headquarters.

Working with local businesses will be the best way to big fundraising results with this program, since they will go through a lot of printer cartridges and cell phones on a regular basis.

Once you set up your free online fundraising account, be sure to check out the free resources, or call an account representative to tap into Funding Factory’s 10+ years of successful recycling fundraisers.

Get your group’s green fundraising efforts started by signing up for your free online account at Funding Factory

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