Community fundraising with a Community Cleanup

Community fundraising with a Community Cleanup

Find out how a community cleanup fundraiser can help your group raise funds and awareness about Community fundraising earth-friendly habits in this segment of our Go Green Fundraising series.

What better way to raise funds, make a difference, and provide a positive learning experience for your group than a Community Cleanup fundraiser!  Here’s how it works:

Prepare Your Fundraiser:

Choose an area to cleanup-Community fundraising

Look around your community, or ask friends, family, neighbors and coworkers if they know of a local, public area like a park, or field that’s in need of a good cleanup.

Set the date-Community fundraising

You may need to get permission from your town or city before the cleanup, and you will definitely need to get permission from parents if you’re working with children, so give yourself plenty of pre-planning time when you set the date of your cleanup.

Gather supplies-Community fundraising

Here are some items you may need:

– Work gloves for each group member
– Garbage bags
– Recycling bins or bags for all recyclable items you find
– Rakes
– Biodegradable, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner (depending on the type of place you’re cleaning)
– Water to stay hydrated
– Water less hand cleaner for group members to wash up

In addition, advise your group members to wear sturdy shoes, appropriate clothing for the area (For example, long pants if there is a lot of underbrush), hats, and sunscreen.

Raising Funds-Community fundraising

So how do you actually raise funds with a Community Cleanup?  This is typically a donation, or sponsorship fundraiser, and you should begin collecting donations about 2 weeks before the event.  Here are the different ways you can fundraiser for your Community Cleanup:

Ask for donations-Community fundraising

Ask friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to sponsor your group’s cleanup efforts.  You can also ask local businesses, and people who live near the area you’ll be cleaning.

Set up Donation boxes-Community fundraising

You can make donation boxes or cans, and ask local businesses to keep them by their front desk, or register to collect donations.

Collect donations on cleanup day-Community fundraising

On the day of the cleanup, designate 2 people to carry donation boxes near the area you’re cleaning (close by the group, and within sight of adult leaders at all times).

As people pass by, they can see the wonderful job you’re doing, and donate to your efforts.

Hold a fundraising sale-Community fundraising

You can raise funds by selling a product like candy bars, or lollipops in the 2 weeks before your cleanup.

And even sell them on the actual day by setting up a small stand at your cleanup area.

Note:  Have a litter-free fundraiser by reminding customers and group members to properly dispose of their candy wrappers.

Fundraiser with Scratchcards-Community fundraising

Scratchcards are fundraising donation cards that don’t cost much to purchase, and with a little effort, can really bring in a big profit.  Find out more about Scratchcards

Get Cleaning!

On the day of your cleanup, get everyone motivated and excited.  Remind them that the cleanup is a great way to contribute to the community, and help preserve public spaces for everyone.

Assign individual tasks, or break your group up into teams, assigning them each an area to work on.

Just be sure everyone is close together at all times, and no one is in an area that you can’t see, or that is out of earshot.

At the end of the day, properly dispose of all the trash you’ve collected, and take any recyclables you’ve found to the appropriate facility in your area.

And don’t forget to reward your group for their hard work with a special treat they’ll all enjoy!

If you want your next fundraiser to be an enriching learning experience for your group, that makes them feel like they’ve really made a difference.

A Community Cleanup fundraiser is the perfect solution.  If you keep a positive attitude, and do your best to create an atmosphere of excitement, it can be a really fun, bonding experience for your group too!

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