Happy Earth Day! Green Fundraisers

Happy Earth Day! Green Fundraisers

Today, April 22, is Earth Day!  To celebrate, here are some ‘green fundraisers’ that are also perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

We chose fundraisers for each of the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Reuse – Yard Sale – Green Fundraisers

You may be done with an item, but if it’s in good condition, someone else might have a use for it.  By selling these things at a yard sale, you can raise funds for your group and also help reduce consumption by promoting the reuse of items like books, small appliances, kitchen gadgets, children’s toys, clothes, tools, etc.

You could also double up as a farmer’s market by renting tables to local fruit and vegetable producers.  This makes your fundraiser all about ‘reduce’ too because local produce doesn’t have to be shipped by truck, boat or plane, which means fewer carbon emissions!

Reduce – Earth Jars – Green Fundraisers

This activity works on the honor system.  Have each member of your group decorate a jar (preferably a clean, used jar – reuse!) and take it home with them.  Make a list of things that waste resources like running the tap while brushing our teeth, leaving lights or appliances on when we leave the room, taking the car instead of walking or biking a short distance, etc.

Each time your group members waste resources, they have to put a dollar in the jar!  You’ll raise funds, and they’ll learn about the cost of wasting.

Recycle – Bottle & Can Drive – Green Fundraisers

Collect bottles and cans throughout your community and cash them in at your local supermarket, or wherever recyclables are collected locally.  Some recycling plants pay for discarded paper.  Find out what recyclables can be exchanged for cash in your neighbourhood and start a drive!

As an extra ‘green’ touch, get your group to collect recyclables in wagons, bike trailers or other earth friendly vehicles.  Just remember, always stay in groups, and never allow children to go out without adult supervision.

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