School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

Are you searching for healthier fundraising solutions for your school or school group? Recently, some of the old school fundraising ideas are facing the problem of whether or not it is appropriate for schools to ban food fundraisers in the face of growing national health concerns.

If your school or school group is facing such bans, and needs to find fundraising solutions that offer healthier food choices, or non-food fundraisers, here are a few of our favorites:

Non-Food School Fundraising Ideas

The Online Magazine Fundraiser

Not only is this a healthier choice for schools, it’s also one of the easiest to run fundraisers around, with a really high return!  Best of all, it’s also completely free, totally secure, can be customized for your school, and can be run as long as you want for year round school fundraising.

Learn more about this fundraiser

Crazy Hat Day – School Fundraising Ideas

Or crazy shirt, shoes, sunglasses, or even jeans or casual days if your school typically has a strict dress code.  It’s really fun if you can come up with a theme for every Friday.  Students pay a small amount to be able to participate (usually $2 – $5).

Spirit Apparel and Accessories

Spread school spirit and raise funds at the same time!  Clothing and other items like bumper stickers, travel mugs, Frisbees, etc. are a great school fundraising idea when they’re printed with your school’s logo and colors.  Many students, parents and alumni would love to have these keepsakes, and your school can raise a lot of money too.

Check out this supplier of custom printed items

Magnetic Picture Frames

How many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles do you know who keep cherished pictures of their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews on their refrigerator doors?  Now how many of them would want a special magnetic frame to really showcase their pride and joy?  Magnetic picture frames are a unique product that finds a great niche in school fundraisers.

Check out this source for magnetic picture frame fundraisers

Healthier Food School Fundraising Ideas

Gluten-Free Cookie Dough

More and more people are looking for gluten-free products to complement their healthy diets. In the other hand, cookies are a delicious treat, especially fresh out of the oven, so why not offer Gluten-Free Cookies? This is ideal for healthier school fundraising because the profits are great, the cookies are delicious, and you’re teaching students to make healthy decisions when they eat.

More about fundraising gluten-free Cookie Dough

Beef Snacks & Jerk – School Fundraising Ideas

In moderation, tasty beef snacks and jerky are a great snack!  They’re high in protein, which gives them a nutritional factor that parents and teachers can appreciate.  And they’re really yummy!

Check out the Jack Link’s beef snack fundraiser

Tumblers – School Fundraising Ideas

Especially at sporting events, tumblers are a great way to fundraise for your school, and it creates team spirit too!  For an extra special touch, you can get tumbler with custom printed labels featuring your school name, logo and colors.

Check out this source for customizable tumblers

Fruit Fundraising

Fruits like oranges and apples are healthy and delicious, and great for school fundraising!  Many schools have had great success with fruit fundraisers, and the best part is that you’re also encouraging students to make healthier choices.

Check out this source for  fruit fundraisers

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