3 More Holiday Fundraising Ideas

3 More Holiday Fundraising Ideas

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and Christmas not too far behind, holiday fundraising ideas seem to be on everyone’s mind!

As a follow up to our article, Top 5 Holiday Fundraisers , here are 3 more holiday fundraising ideas:

Lolliday Lollipops

Lollipops – especially these unique, holiday themed pops – are easy to sell because they make excellent stocking stuffers, and are a sweet treat to brighten up the season.

But the real selling point is the price!  These days, everyone is trying to make their dollar go a little further.  At just $0.50 each, Lolliday lollipops are sure to be a favorite for everyone’s sweet tooth and wallet.

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Dollar Wall

This is a great idea for schools and community groups that have a large building with lots of traffic.  However, any group can do this by having a large building donate some space.  For example, your local shopping mall may give you a spot for an afternoon or full weekend.

All you need is a wall, and some good promotion.  Ask supporters to help you build your Dollar Wall by donating a “brick”.  A “brick” is actually a dollar bill.  Tack or tape them to the wall starting at the bottom and “building” your way to the top.

People are naturally in a giving mood during the holidays, and a dollar is something just about anyone can afford, making this a really great holiday fundraising idea.

Beef Snacks

Why beef snacks?  Because it’s something different!  Chocolate, cookie dough and candies are great for holiday fundraising, but if your group is looking for something different, Jack Link’s will definitely feed your fundraising wild side.

A great idea is to sell them at your local mall.  Busy holiday shoppers will be looking for a quick protein boost so they can get back to shopping.  Jack Link’s beef snacks are the perfect solution.  And, their low selling price makes them even more enticing.

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