Holiday Fundraising – Mixing up your bake sale

Holiday Fundraising – Mixing up your bake sale

Want to bring a special touch to your next bake sale fundraiser that will boost profits, and help your supporters get a jump on their holiday shopping(holiday fundraising)?  Mix it up!

Homemade mixes are a lot easier to make than baked goods, they don’t require special storage, and they make great holiday gifts for friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.  Here’s how to make mixes for your holiday bake sale:

– Choose recipes for things like brownies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, gourmet pancakes or waffles.

 Mix together only the dry ingredients.

– Put dry ingredients into clean, dry jars.

– Write out directions for adding other ingredients like milk, eggs and butter, and the final baking instructions.  Stick the instructions to the jar, or have them laminated and place them in the jar with the dry mix.

– Decorate your jars with festive fabric, stickers, labels, garland and ribbon.  You can even add “To: From:” gift tags so all someone has to do is fill in the names for the perfect holiday gift!

Homemade dry mixes cost very little to make, and if the jars are well decorated, you can sell them for between $5 and $10.  A great idea is to sell mixes alongside the finished product.  For example, sell plates of freshly baked brownies that can be enjoyed on the spot, or later on at home.  If people like what they see and taste, they can purchase a brownie mix for themselves or as a special gift for a loved one!

Organizational Tips:

– Start collecting jars a few weeks before you make the mixes.  Ask friends and family to save their empty jars for you, and then be sure to sterilize them by boiling them, or running them through a hot wash cycle in your dishwasher before use.

– If you don’t have enough jars, you can usually purchase some for a low price at your local dollar store or grocery store.

– Put up signs at your dry-mix table promoting your festive mixes as “The Perfect Gift for Anyone on Your List!”  Not everyone will immediately see the gifting potential of your scrumptious mixes, so help them along and boost your sales too.

– When choosing your recipes, go for variety.  Cookie mixes with chocolate and candy pieces are great for kids, while “gourmet mixes” with ingredients like pecans, caramel pieces and white chocolate will appeal more to adults.

Profit Boosters:

– Set up a table where people can pre-order frozen cookie dough that makes it easy to whip up freshly baked cookies when company drops by.

– Have your PTA / PTO or other volunteer group collaborate on a special holiday cookbook and sell your cookbooks at your bake sale.

For more bake sale and fundraising event ideas, visit our fundraising events section.

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