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How to Plan a Silent Auction Fundraiser

When planning a silent auction fundraiser, here are five simple steps to follow to help make it a success.

Find a Location:

School gymnasiums, community centers and church reception halls are great places to hold silent auctions since they are large and can be rented for a small fee.


This is key to your success. Make sure to start advertising as soon as you make the event public and then follow up with posters in the businesses who have donated items. Also be sure to use local television, radio, newspaper, community websites and social media to get the word out. On the day of the silent auction, decorate and sign it well so that people know where to go.

Get donations: Ask local businesses to donate both high and low ticket items in order to attract buyers of all income ranges. It is good to have a mix of physical products and service vouchers up for auction.

Acquire Supplies:

You don’t need much to hold a silent auction, but you will need plenty of tables and space for items to be put on display. You will also need at least one sheet of paper with the items description and minimum bid, if any, plus lines for people to write their name and bid. It is wise to tape a pen to the table next to each item for convenience of the buyers and so that you don’t lose a bunch of pens. On the day of the fund raiser you will need a cash box with plenty of change.

Create Set Procedures:

You will want to have some rules for your silent auction. When will the items be available to be seen? When will the bidding start and end? How will payment be accepted? When will the items be released? To avoid any confusion and problems, it is good to post this information on the day of the fundraiser.


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