How to Plan Fundraising Event in the Park the Fiesta Way

How to Plan Fundraising Event in the Park the Fiesta Way

Planning a fundraising  Event fiesta in the park requires some pre-planning. The first thing to do is secure a park date and grove arrangement with the nearest parks department. Be sure to alert the parks department that the event is for fundraising for your group. Parks departments usually waive any rental fees, although you may be responsible for the grove clean-up after the event. Once the date is secured, the advertising begins. This can be with ordinary flyers at local schools, churches and civic organizations. Don’t forget to mention you’d like your event to be printed in their regular newsletters and magazines.

Staging The Fiesta Day In The Park
The best way to plan for a fundraising Fiesta/Day in the Park is to stage the entire event beforehand. This helps avoid any problems or issues that are often unintentionally omitted. Pre-staging of a fundraising event is a handy tool for all organizers to adapt. It often produces hidden costs that need to be ironed out. Staging a fundraising event works well when there’s a script to follow. This is nothing more than an event program before it’s printed. So, there are already visible needs for several committee organizers: the staging manager, program script manager and advertising manager. If there are to be special guests or speakers, these need to be included in the planning. Add the actual event organizers for each of the day’s events and the planning is as tight as a drum.

Fun With A Fiesta/Day In The Park
Staging a fundraising Fiesta is almost as much fun as the day of the Fiesta itself. This is where all of the details of decorations, advertising, programming, special events and speakers are woven into the total script. Instead of spending oodles of money on decorations, why not contact a local school or vocational school to see if their arts department would be interested in creating Fiesta decorations? If they are availed of the historical significance of Maya, Inca or Aztec art, their instructors will be more than eager to assign it to their students as a regular classroom project or homework.

Vocational schools also have culinary students, as do local culinary schools, who are always eager to volunteer for public events to earn scholastic credits. You can also request their help serving foods they’ve prepared for sale so they can get a bit of public service experience.
Be prepared for a rain even by securing the rental of a tent or check with the parks systems regarding this. Many parks provide rain or shine accommodations. Arrange the event for a duration of no more than 4 or 5 hours. Allot a couple of hours for setting up and breaking down of the pre-staged tables and seating, dais, food tables, games and music area. Station key coordinators at their predetermined control areas. Don a sombrero and bolero vest, and let the Fiesta begin.

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