How to Start with a Smash and Finish With a Bang

How to Start with a Smash and Finish With a Bang

How you open and close your fundraiser is just as important as everything that happens in between.  Find out how to do it successfully.

The Opening

How you kick off your fundraiser sets the tone for the event.  If you quietly hand out an information packet and a case of chocolate to each group member, chances are your fundraiser is going to be pretty mundane too.

Open with a “Smash, Crash, Kabam!” and your fundraiser is shuttled into the fast lane to success right from the get-go.  It could be the difference between struggling towards your goal, and soaring past the finish line.

How to Open With a Smash

• Host a kick-off meeting or event.
• Create anticipation before your kick-off with exciting flyers, emails and reminders.
• Get excited… and show it!
• Organize a prize program, or choose a fundraiser that comes with one, and show off the prizes to be won at your kick off.
• Have a guest speaker come in.  Contact local TV and radio personalities, your town mayor, a favorite shop owner or even a team mascot.

The Closing

Your closing is just as important as your opening because it’s what they’ll remember next year.  This is especially important for schools, sports teams and other groups that depend on annual fundraising to supplement their finances.

Don’t let all that excitement from your opening wear off.  Keep it going right up until the end.

How to Finish With a Bang

• Party!  Show your appreciation for everyone’s efforts with an end-of-fundraiser celebration.
• Hand out prizes and awards
• Have a slide show of candid photos you took during the fundraiser set to music.
• Give surprise gifts to top performers.  Give tangible prizes or intangible ones like special privileges.

As organizers, a big part of our job is to motivate group members.  Reaching your goal is critical, but remember that success is always easiest when everyone enjoys the journey.

Think of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  These are often the most watched events, and the most inspiring.  They sum up what the Olympics are all about.  While your opening and closing will certainly not be of Olympic proportions, they should be meaningful and inspiring to your group members.

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