3 Ideas for Fundraising with Jack Link’s

3 Ideas for Fundraising with Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s beef snacks and jerky are becoming more and more popular as a fundraising product.  Here are 3 fun ideas to help you raise more with this unique fundraiser.

Sporting Event Snack Sales

Snack sales are a great way to raise funds at sporting events.  Jack Link’s are an ideal choice because:

• They come in easy to handle carry cases for carrying through the stands.
• They’re individually wrapped for convenient snacking.
• They won’t melt under the hot sun like some snacks.
• Jack Link’s is a wildly popular brand that will have them shouting from the stands!

More about fundraising with Jack Link’s

Raffle – Free Ticket with Purchase

In some states, the gaming laws state that you cannot sell raffle tickets directly.  One way around this is to sell a low cost product (like Jack Link’s), and give a free raffle ticket with each purchase.

Jack Link’s are great for this because:

• They sell for just $0.50 – $1 each
• Your cost is low too, so your profit is 50%

If you aren’t sure about the laws in your state, check with a local official.  You can also check out this past article on fundraising laws.

Combo Sale

Pair Jack Link’s with a sweet treat like lollipops and offer your supporters the best of both worlds!  A combo fundraiser like this is great because:

• Offering both sweet and savory choices is an opportunity to benefit from people’s different tastes.
• People love choice.  And for those who can’t make up their minds, low selling prices mean they can buy both!

For your next fundraiser, why not try Jack Link’s?  It’s a unique and popular product that’s perfect for the summer, or any time of year.  Here are a few more Jack Link’s benefits:

• Low cost
• Low selling price
• Low minimum orders
• High profit potential – Up to 50%

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