Katydids Make Great Easter Fundraisers

Katydids Make Great Easter Fundraisers

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If  you like chocolate you’ve probably heard of Katydids. Combining chocolate, pecans, and caramel, this wildly popular treat is a guaranteed hit around the holidays, and an easy sell for your Easter fundraiser. At Fundraising.com we have a large supply of katydids and these sweet delights are an easy sell for your Easter fundraiser.

Katydids are one of Kathryn Beich’s most well known products, and we have them in boxes and tins. The boxes retail for $12, but when you order a case from us you get 24 boxes at $7.20 each for a total of $172.80. At that price, you earn a 40 per cent profit margin.

The tins sell for $14 each, and you get 12 of them in a case. We sell them at the low wholesale price of $8.40 each, and that adds up to $100.80 per case so, once again, you can enjoy a 40 per cent profit margin with your Katydids fundraiser. But whether you choose tins or boxes, orders must be a minimum of 1 case, and delivery time is 7 business days.

As a fundraiser, Katydids practically sell themselves because few people can resist these chocolaty temptations. Just send your kids to school with order forms and have them ask their teachers and classmates if they’d like to buy them. On the other hand, you can also accompany them as they go door-to-door and take orders from your neighbours. Since they’re so well known already, and are especially popular around Easter, Katydids make for a great fundraising idea during this holiday season. Try them again around Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving too!

Placing an order is simple; just click hereThe only hard part about a Katydids fundraiser is going to be not eating them all yourself!

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