Learn How Special Olympics Delaware raised $85,000 on the Internet

Learn How Special Olympics Delaware raised $85,000 on the Internet

The fine folks at FirstGiving presents webinars to help you learn how to use Facebook, MySpace, and online fundraising sites to make new relationships, strengthen old ones, and raise more money!

Everyone and their dog is on Facebook. Or MySpace. Maybe your organization is already using sites like Facebook for fundraising, or maybe you have wondered, how can I harness the power of Facebook, other than poking and throwing sheep at my contacts?

Did you ever think you could raise $85,000 by using sites that many of us think of as addictive time-killers (“Crackbook” ring a bell?) combined with online fundraising tools? Well, Special Olympics Delaware did just that, by combining an online fundraising page at FirstGiving with social media (those aforementioned addictive sites), and they and our friends at FirstGiving are giving a webinar on how you can do it too!

FirstGiving is a site where you can set up a free page for your group to collect donations and let keep everyone up to date with your fundraiser. It’s one of our favorite online fundraising sites, along with eFundraising, where you also set up a fundraising page and supporters buy magazines online to profit your group. Yes, there are many ways to raise money online.

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