Magazine Fundraising for Schools

Magazine Fundraising for Schools

Magazine fundraising for schools is becoming increasingly popular. Find out why schools, parents and children all love this fundraiser!

Did you know that we live in a country where we have 22 magazines that talk just about shoes? Yup, we have quite a variety of magazines in America, and this is a big part of why magazine fundraising is becoming more and more popular these days, and especially in schools.  Why the increase in popularity as a school fundraiser you might ask?

Well, seeing that the average household subscribes to 4 magazines a year, when it comes time to renewing their favorite magazine, they often jump at the opportunity to renew through a school fundraiser. And why not!  They get their magazine at a discount, and at the same time they help out a child with their fundraiser, and contribute to that child’s education.  Magazine fundraising works not only because magazines are so popular, but because there is such a variety of magazines out there, that you are pretty sure there will be at least one magazine that interests everyone and is offered at a better price through fundraising than if you were to buy it from a newsstand.

Magazine fundraisers are also easy.  You don’t have to ask for any pledges, donations or sponsorships, or worry about carrying and storing inventory.  It’s also a great way for parents to get involved because it’s much easier to bring an order form to the office than a box of candy bars, and chances are they have several coworkers who currently subscribe to a magazine and would be happy to renew it at the discounted prices many fundraisers offer.  There are also no deliveries to worry about because the magazines come directly from the publishers once the order is processed – the post office delivers everything for you!  Additionally, for schools that are looking for a healthier, non-food alternative to chocolate and sweets, magazine fundraising is a great choice.

For an even easier option, you can actually run a magazine fundraiser online, which means you don’t have to worry about children going door-to-door, or stress about order forms.  The school principal, or fundraiser organizer can easily use the online program to email all the parents letting them know about the fundraiser.  Then, the parents can use the same program to email all their friends and family across the United States asking them to purchase their favorite magazines at the school’s online magazine shop while helping their child reach their fundraising goals.

The list of benefits just goes on and on…what’s even more rewarding is that once someone orders a magazine subscription through your school; they are more likely to continue to renew their subscriptions with you every year, so by starting now, you’re creating an annual source of income for your school or school group.  In fact, more than 98% of the school and youth organizations will renew their magazines the following year.

You must be reading this and saying..”well, there has to be at least one draw back!”  There really isn’t, it’s that simple. Your school gets a list of all the subscriptions for sale  – usually around 650 different magazines – and then you get a percentage of your total sales as your profit.  In the case of the online magazine fundraiser, you get a profit of 40% sent to you by mail every month.  The online program also provides easy reporting features that track all profit and sales for you.

Oh sorry..there might be just one thing… you have to be a bit patient.  Once a magazine order is placed through a fundraiser, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks before the first issue is received.  This is the time it takes for everything to be processed.  But what are a few weeks of waiting when you can save up to 85% off the newsstand prices?

It’s no wonder that there are over 20 000 groups that do annual magazine fundraisers…why not start one for yourself, right now?

Enjoy Magazine Fundraising for Schools 🙂

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