New Restaurant Gift Cards Fundraiser

New Restaurant Gift Cards Fundraiser

Unique new fundraiser gift cards from helps your supporters save money.

In these trying times, we all want to save money. Our favorite new fundraiser, the Gift Card fundraiser, lets your supporters save money, giving them the chance to stretch their dollars while dining at local restaurants.

The new fundraiser is very simple. A gift card that your supporters can use to go on, where they can redeem $50 worth of gift certificates from over 10,000 restaurants.

How Do Supporters Save Money?- Fundraising with Restaurant Gift Cards

Supporters buy the fundraiser gift card for $20, and they get $50 of gift certificates on! That means your supporters get two and a half times their money at the restaurant of their choice!

How Does It Work?

Your school, organization, or team orders cards for each person participating in the fundraiser to sell.

 You can start with as little as 10 cards (easy when each person should be able to sell at least 5 cards).

No Risk- Fundraising with Restaurant Gift Cards

If your group orders too many cards, you can even return the extras, as long as the cards are not damaged.

How to Get Started- Fundraising with Restaurant Gift Cards

To order cards or to get information to review with your group, call eFundraising toll-free at 1-866-891-0053.

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