Online Fundraising Video

Online Fundraising Video

A video fundraiser is a unique fundraising idea that people of all ages will love.

Don’t you just love this laughing baby? These moments are precious. All of us have these beautiful moments that we want to keep. So how about keeping these memories and turning them into a fundraiser at the same time?

Fundraising Mom came up with this great video fundraising idea. Since more and more school events are videotaped these days, why not use these videos as fundraisers? All you need to do is upload your video to Google’s video program. To upload videos to Google is free, but you can raise funds by charging a fee when people view it. You will have to give Google a portion of the profits, but hey, it’s a small fee for a replay of a treasured memory. Just imagine the possibilities, you can have all your child’s school plays, sports events and other activities on video, and to share them with your friends or family, it would just be a question of sending them a link!

Happy video fundraising!

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