Personalized Scratch card Fundraiser

Personalized Scratch card Fundraiser

The Scratch card fundraiser has long been a popular alternative to product-based fundraising. Scratch cards are a tool to collect donations and thank the supporter with good coupons. See how your group can now personalize this fundraiser for top results.

The Personalized Scratch card Fundraiser

Since the launch of the personalized Scratch card fundraiser earlier this year, Scratch card fever is in the air! Kids and adults alike are motivated by seeing their team or group’s own picture on the front of the card, and the fundraiser can be done faster than ever because you can get a 30-dot card instead of a 60-dot card, so you only need 30 scratches to finish a card and raise $100.

How it Works

To get the info you need for this fundraiser, call eFundraising at 1-866-891-0053 and they will let you know how many cards to order to meet your group’s goals. If you need to show the idea to your group, they will send you info sheets or a fundraising info guide that shows how the program works. You can also simply request the free fundraising product guide online.

When your group is ready to get going on this easy fundraising idea, the tough part is picking a picture and message you all agree on! Then you just send the pic to eFundraising and your card will be on the way.

Once you get your cards, everyone in your group just asks friends and family to scratch off as many dots as they want. The supporter donates the amount they uncover, and get a coupon sheet with coupons for Pizza Hut, A&W, Jiffy Lube etc.

Three easy ways to get started:

1. Call 1-866-891-0053 to get info mailed or emailed to you
2. Get a free fundraising guide mailed to you by requesting it online
3. Read more about the Scratchcard fundraiser

Bed Stuy’s Project Re-Generation uses the Scratchcard fundraiser in their goal to raise over $10,000 to get kids to see the world outside their neighborhood.

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