Picture Fundraiser

Picture Fundraiser

Snap! Snap! Cha-Ching!! Yes taking pictures and displaying them can bring your school some extra cash!

Everyone loves to take professional pictures. It’s an activity that most schools do anyway. So why not take advantage of this fun event and raise some funds at the same time?

Taking the Pictures

Enfocus Photography does just that. They will come to your school to take the pictures, and immediately after the picture session you can view the portraits and place your order.

What’s even more fun with this picture fundraiser is that you can choose which styles of pictures you want: Glamour, Antique or Family.

The way it works is you sell picture packages to the students beforehand. The cost is $19.95 which includes the sitting and a 10 x 13 Portrait. The school gets to keep the fee and also makes bonuses on additional portraits sold! are saying..but how does the photographer make his money? Simple, he makes his money on selling the additional portraits.

The pictures are shipped directly to the customer. It takes 3-6 weeks for delivery. For those of you that just have to know when they will arrive, you can track them at any time via email or by calling toll-free!

Displaying Pictures

Now that you received these great pictures, how are you going to display them? can help you out with this!

They have an original pocket frame that allows you to display your favorite memories simply and easily. You can then put these on your fridge, in your office, and even on your filing cabinets! They even have special occasions and theme pockets. They are simple to use and are a great way to organize and preserve your memories!

This product was even mentioned in Better Homes and Gardens as one of 100 Top Decorating Ideas under $100!

This is really an original picture fundraiser. These pocket frames are definitely conversation pieces which will in turn help you spread the word about your fundraiser very quickly. Best of all, you get to keep up to 50% profit!

Happy Picture Fundraising 🙂

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