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Gabb Phone

The regular retail price is $99.99 but with your supporters can get a safe phone for $79, and you make $30 profit! Let’s link arms to a worthy cause and spread a very important message: Protect kids, help them enjoy life outside of technology, and bring families closer together. We’ll provide you with free selling materials to make your fundraiser a success!

Gabb Wireless specializes in providing age-appropriate devices for kids. Teaching and equipping families to thrive in a hypertech world, Gabb is helping families make smart decisions about technology use. This is a great fundraiser for any organization; an incredible solution that both, parents AND KIDS, can benefit from.

  • Retail Price: $79
  • Minimum Order: 1 unit
  • Delivery: 10 days
  • Free shipping
  • Cost to the group $49
  • No Contract – month by month plan
  • GPS Location
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