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Ultimate Coffee Collection

Have you thought of a Coffee Fundraiser? Gourmet coffee is very popular right now! Coffee lovers can now enjoy a great cup of java while helping you raise the funds that you need for your group or organization. The 11oz. bag makes up to 70 cups of coffee. But that’s not all, this Brochure also includes coffee in pods presentation. These pods are suitable for single serve brewers including the Keurig® line and come in 6 Wicked Awesome flavors!

  • NO MONEY UPFRONT – No risk
  • You Collect your Profits as soon as you take orders from supporters
  • Only receive products that are actually SOLD (NO EXTRA INVENTORY TO DEAL WITH)
  • Available in 11oz bags and in the popular single serve pods presentation.
  • 12 single serve cups per box
  • All items sell for $16
  • Make up to 45% profit
  • Orders over 500 units are pre-packed for your convenience.
  • No purchase by case required
  • FREE shipping for orders of 125+ items.
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Flavors: Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop Blend, French Roast, French Vanilla, Hazelnut Creme, Jamaican Me Crazy and Cinnamon.

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