A Profitable Bake Sale Fundraiser

A Profitable Bake Sale Fundraiser

Get unique fundraising ideas that will turn the traditional world of bake sale fundraising on its head, and will help you raise more funds in less time!

Let’s face it, we all love to eat!  And we especially love to eat sweets!  Fundraising with a bake sale is a great social event that is easy to put together, popular, and best of all, low cost since the baked goods are donated.

Everyone can buy a mouth-watering cookie dough or cake mix; however, in order to create a profitable bake sale fundraiser, the following tips are key:

Planning:  It is best to start planning your bake sale fundraiser at least one month in advance.  Select a good leader with excellent organizational skills to organize the event and ensure that you have many volunteers.  Getting volunteers for this type of fundraiser is easy, as many volunteers like to show off their culinary skills.

Timing:  Try to tie in your bake sale with a special theme, event, or holiday, for example, Valentine’s Day, a sporting event, a school play, or a church gathering.

Make your bake sale unique:  This will help draw a great crowd.  Provide a guest speaker such as a cookbook author, or a great pastry chef.  If you have kitchen facilities available, you can get them to whip up a special treat in front of everyone.  This way, people can learn some great baking tips, and the smell of the freshly baked goods will definitely attract even more passersby.

Promote your bake sale:  Promote your event at least two weeks prior.  Give it some thought, be creative, and especially promote your guest speaker or other special event.  Promote with posters, flyers, roadside signs, newsletters, message boards, and bulletin boards.  Invite the local TV crew and offer them some free baked goods.  This will entice them to come back next year and get the word out about your cause.

Organizing:  Make a list of what is being donated to ensure you don’t have too many of a particular item.  Popular bake sale items include: cookies, cakes, pastries, pies, cheesecake, pretzels, breads, and rice-krispie squares.

In order to generate some additional funds, you can ask everyone who doesn’t mind divulging their baking secrets to write down their recipe and create an inexpensive mini cookbook that you can also sell at your bake sale fundraiser.

Presentation:  Of course everyone loves to eat goodies, but presenting them in a very attractive manner will make them want to buy even more.  Ensure that the tables are organized and nicely decorated.  Don’t put any bold patterns on the tables as this will take away from the presentation of the baked goods.  Divide the goodies according to either their type (cookies, pies) or their serving size (whole cheesecake or individual portions).

Portions:  This always depends on whom you are selling to.  If you are selling to families, you can sell entire cakes.  If you are selling to singles, individual portions are best.  It’s always good to have a mix of the two – sometimes someone may want to buy a dozen cookies as a gift, while your delectable dessert may be so irresistible they really need to eat one piece immediately!

Additional Funds: To make the bake sale more inviting and to get people to relax and socialize, also offer some coffee, water and lemonade.

You can also create a sheet for people that would like to make future orders.  Many professionals will buy items for their employees or clients.  Or perhaps someone will be entertaining and they just have to have your wonderful dessert as part of their evening.  Whatever the case may be, taking future orders that need to be paid upfront definitely helps to increase your profit.  Consider something like frozen cookie dough that can be preordered.

If you follow all of these tips, you can have a very profitable bake sale fundraiser.  Good luck, and don’t forget to enjoy your event.

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