Quick Fundraising Ideas to Save You Time

Quick Fundraising Ideas to Save You Time

Your time is valuable, and fundraising shouldn’t be taking up the bulk of it. Get these quick fundraising ideas and be on your way to a speedy and profitable campaign.

These days, everyone’s time is more and more valuable, and it seems that everyone’s time is getting more and more scarce too – especially when it comes to fundraising.

Most fundraising organizers are volunteers who have jobs and families.  Then there are parents who shy away from participating because they just don’t have the time.  And to top it all off, many organizations like schools, clubs and sports teams are finding themselves under-funded, and in need of even more fundraising!

So how do you fundraise effectively in this time-deprived world?  Here are 3 ways to fundraise that will please even the most time-starved participants and volunteers:

Fundraise in a Day with a Fundraising Fee

Fundraising fees are quickly gaining popularity because groups can complete their fundraising in just one day, and parents and group members are able to participate at their convenience.

Here’s how it works- Quick Fundraising Ideas

Calculate the total amount you need to raise, and divide it by the number of members in your group to find out how much each member needs to raise.  Then choose a fundraising product.  Scratchcards are a good choice because they’re low cost, high profit, and easy to handle.  Add the cost of one Scratchcard to the amount each member needs to raise to determine your fundraising fee.  Include the fundraising fee in regular registration fees, group dues, membership fees or other regular fee, or charge the fee on its own.

Once paid, parents or group members receive their fundraising product and can fundraise on their own time to earn back their money, and even earn a little extra to help cover any additional costs that may come up.

Check out this article for a complete guide to fundraising in a day.  The article focuses on registration day fundraising for athletic leagues, but can be applied to many group types.

Take Your Fundraising Online

Online fundraisers are fast becoming the wave of the future!  The reason is that you can reach more supporters in less time, without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

You can still run traditional fundraising campaigns like chocolate sales or raffles, but by adding an online fundraiser to your campaign, you can significantly boost your regular profits.

The thing to remember about an online fundraiser is that you need to promote it just as much as any other fundraiser – it’s just faster and easier online!  You can set up a website, send emails to supporters, and even inform and encourage participants and volunteers by email.

The real benefit of quick fundraising is that people can participate on their own time, so there’s no need to get everyone together for a group sale or event.  The downside is that if you aren’t there to actively encourage, people might forget, or lose motivation.  Use rewards, incentive prizes, encouraging emails, and any other means you can think of to get people excited about participating, and your online fundraiser will be a success.

Check out this article on online fundraising to find out how it works

Build the Excitement… and They Will Come!

Have you ever noticed that people are always too busy when there’s work to be done, but if something fun and exciting comes up, they suddenly have a lot more free time?  Use this to your advantage by planning exciting fundraising events and activities!

There are all kinds of events like bake sales, spaghetti dinners, car washes, talent shows, baseball games and much, much more that are big fundraising money makers, and are also a lot of fun for the people involved!

Depending on the size of your group and type of event, a lot of advanced planning may be required.  To keep it simple, and make it less time consuming, don’t go overboard with your event.  Stick with the classics like raffles, picnics, baseball games and barbecues.  If you keep it simple, and effectively distribute tasks among your volunteers, the work will get done a lot faster.

A successful fundraiser doesn’t have to be complicated, and doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  Remember that your time is just as valuable as anyone else’s, so after your fundraiser has been a huge success and your goal has been reached, reward yourself by taking a little time to relax and congratulate yourself for a fundraising job well done!

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