Sample Event Invitation Letter

Sample Event Invitation Letter

Events can be a great tool for many non profit organizations.  Here are some Sample Event Invitation Letter examples that can help raise attendance at your next event.

Your organization may hold events for a variety of purposes.  The most common are events designed to raise funds, but you may also hold events that don’t focus on fundraising such as awareness raising events, or thank you events.

Some key points to keep in mind when writing your event invitations are:

  • Clearly state when and where the event will be held.
  • Say why you’re having the event.
  • Say what you want the invitation recipient to do – Just show up?  Buy a ticket?  RSVP?  Invite others?
  • Express the benefits of attending to the recipient.
  • As with all fundraising letters, make it as personal as possible.

Sample Letter 1 – Invitation to a Fundraising Event

Elmherst Free Arts Center
99 Elmherst Drive
Cityville, ST 55555

March 26, 2008

Alan Johnson
123 Mountainview
Cityville, ST 55555

Dear Alan,

Where do Expressionism, Cubism and Realism mingle?  At the Elmherst Free Arts Center’s Annual Free Arts Exhibit, of course!

This year, you’re invited to join us for the celebration of works from 12 local artists, spanning 7 different artistic styles and working in a variety of unique mediums.  This is your opportunity to be one of the first to view these exciting new artists!

Where – Elmherst Free Arts Center
When – Saturday, April 26th
Why – To raise funds for the Art to Art youth outreach program

Tickets for this black tie event are on sale now through our website, or by calling 555-1234.  All proceeds from ticket sales will go to support our community outreach program, Art to Art, which provides art classes and mentoring to underprivileged youth in the Elmherst community.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Jen Duncan
Director, Elmherst Free Arts Center

Sample Letter 2 – Invitation to an awareness raising event

Helping Hands Christian Center
555 Richmond Ave
Cityville, ST 55555

March 26, 2008

Evans Family
456 34th Street
Cityville, ST 55555

Dear Evans Family,

Violent crime is on the rise in our own backyard.  Find out what you can do to stop it!

As Christians, each of us is charged with the mission of inspiring peace in the world.  Today, as we look to our own community, there is a need for peace here at home, and you have the power to bring that peace.

We invite you to join us this Wednesday evening for a discussion of the issues that are personally affecting our families, friends and neighbours.

Place:  The Helping Hands Christian Center
Date:  Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
Time:  7:00 – 9:00pm

Please join us in securing a better future for our community.


Pastor John Hammond
Helping Hands Christian Center

Sample Letter 3 – Invitation to a Thank You or Awards Event

Westbrook High School
123 Westbrook Rd
Westbrook, ST 55555
March 26, 2008

Mary Smith
789 The Street
Westbrook, ST 55555

Dear Mary Smith,

You are cordially invited to attend an evening of wining and dining in your honor!

In honor of you and the many other volunteers who supported us this past year, the students of Westbrook High School are hosting a special spaghetti dinner to show our appreciation for all your hard work and dedication.

You and a guest are invited to join us Friday, May 9th at 7:00pm.  You will be treated to dinner and a show, with service and entertainment provided by the students themselves.

We truly hope to see you there!  To RSVP, please call Sandy March, Student Council Advisor, at 555-4567, or email sandym@ to let us know if you will be attending, and if you will be bringing a guest.

Thank you for all your help and support!


The Students of Westbrook High

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