Art Work as a School Fundraiser

Art Work as a School Fundraiser

Who would not be proud to see their child’s or student’s artwork on a stamp or postcard?

Well now you can make your children and/or students famous artists while raising money for your school at the same time!

Not only is this a fun fundraiser for kids, it’s also:

– A great way to record the development of their creative thinking.
– A special gift for family and friends that can be re-ordered.
– A confidence builder for kids when they see their artwork in print.
– A fundraiser with no door-to-door or administrative hassle.
– A fundraiser that gives your school a minimum of 20% of the proceeds.
– A possible scholarship!  Each piece of artwork is entered to win the   National Artistic Achievement Award of $500 towards a college education.

How does this school fundraiser work?

The children draw their creative masterpieces on the Artform.
Parents or guardians return the Artform and payment to the school for submission to ArtStamps.
ArtStamps takes about 4-6 weeks to print the artwork as either a U.S stamp, postcard, commemorative print, note cube or mailbag.
The school receives funds for the programs.
Orders are shipped to homes, or in bulk to schools depending on the fundraising coordinator’s preference.

So start bringing out the creative artists in your children/students/school today! Who knows… This could be the first step to them becoming the next Picasso!

Happy ArtStamps Fundraising!

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