How Do You Feel About School Fundraising?

How Do You Feel About School Fundraising?

Club Mom conducted a School Fundraising Survey and the results were quite interesting.

The Results

Believe it or not, 34% of parents like school fundraising, enjoying the products and the fact that it’s for a good cause.

Approximately 28% won’t allow their child to sell, and will only approach friends and family.

And near 37% of parents don’t like school fundraisers at all!! Wow, now that’s a huge amount!

Seeing that school fundraising survey is a necessity in about every school these days, how do you make this experience as positive as possible?

What is The Fundraising Secret? Pretty simple actually, for those that won’t allow their children to sell to strangers and for those that don’t like fundraising, here’s the secret: do your fundraising online!

When you raise money online, children don’t even have to leave the house, and it’s very simple so it does not take much of the parent’s precious time doing something they might not enjoy.

So What are Some of the Online Fundraisers Available for Your Group?

There is a magazine fundraiser, where all you have to do is send emails to your friends and family and they can buy or renew their favorite magazine subscription at a discount.

There is also This site allows you to set a specific fundraising goal for whatever you need such as uniforms, trips, films, and more. You state your goal, invite your supporters to donate, and if the goal isn’t met, then no one pays anything. If the goal is met, you get your check by check or PayPal! is a really great one too! If you are a school or a classroom, just submit your project to this site, run by a non-profit organization dedicated to helping schools and classrooms run important projects.  Individuals or philanthropists just might decide to fund your project.

There are also product fundraisers that you can purchase online and get free shipping. Popular products include chocolate, pretzel rods, popcorn, beef jerky and much more. Purchase these online, get them delivered to your door and then just put them on your office desk. People will be lining up to get them! This way you will help your child reach their fundraising goal and they won’t have to ask strangers for support.

And for the Around 34% That Do Like School Fundraisers? Keep up the great attitude and spread it around! There is always something positive in a School Fundraiser! Just knowing you are supporting a great cause and seeing children’s faces when their fundraising objectives are met is soooo worth the effort!

Happy School Fundraising 🙂

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