5 School Spirit Fundraiser Ideas

5 School Spirit Fundraiser Ideas

5 School Spirit Fundraiser Ideas that put spirit into your fundraising activities.

School Spirit Clothing and Accessories

Your school colors and logo are a great way to add spirit to your school’s fundraising efforts.  Here are some ideas for fun and easy selling:

• Sell spirit items like megaphones and frisbees at school sporting events.
• Raffle off school sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and polos.
• Give away low cost spirit items as prizes at a school carnival, games day or other event.
• Have a school-wide spirit sale.

The items you sell, raffle or give away as prizes will not only help you raise funds for your school, they’ll also help boost school and team spirit, and give your students a sense of pride in their school.

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Chocolate Bars

Chocolate sales have been part of school fundraising for decades.  Why?  Because they work!  Chocolate is easy to sell, store and transport, and the profits are great.

So how do you add some school spirit to your chocolate sale?  Choose fundraising chocolate.

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Student-Run Enterprises – School Spirit Fundraiser Ideas

Student-run enterprises:

• Boost school spirit
• Encourage a sense of pride
• Give students confidence
• Teach students about running a business
• Raise funds for your school

Naturally, the amount of responsibility you give to students will depend on their ages, but even with young children, making them a part of the creative and decision making aspects of school fundraising can have a huge impact.

Challenge your students to come up with ideas for events, or unique selling ides.  For example, have students organize a school talent show, or give groups of students a supply of fundraising chocolate and challenge them to come up with creative sales strategies.  Add competition by awarding prizes to the most creative ideas.

Online School Fundraisers – School Spirit Fundraiser Ideas

Students today are more computer-savvy than any generation before them.  They’re also communicating online with their friends and family in record numbers.

Giving your school an online presence is a great way to enter this area of students’ interest, capture their attention, develop a sense of school community and raise funds!

There are a variety of online fundraisers that let you easily set up a fundraising webpage for your school or classroom.  If you can set up a MySpace or Facebook profile, you can set up one of these.

Here are a few of our favorites to help get your started:

eFundraising – The family friendly magazine fundraiser that’s all online.
• FirstGiving – The online donation fundraiser.
• CMarket  – The online auction fundraiser.  It’s like a school yard sale, online!

School Car Washes – School Spirit Fundraiser Ideas

School car wash fundraisers are usually run outside of regular school hours, so it’s an opportunity for students and teachers to build stronger relationships.  The fundraiser itself is also an opportunity for students to learn about teamwork.

A great idea is to have car wash teams.  Put students into random teams, so that they will have the chance to work with students they wouldn’t otherwise interact with.  You can even mix grade levels.

To add a competitive aspect, have the teams compete against each other for most cars washed, or highest amount raised.  It’s a great way to build friendships, and give students a sense of pride and accomplishment while raising funds.

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