Successful Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Successful Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Learn how one taekwondo team traveled to Championships in Mexico City with funds raised from a spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  It can work for you too!

Success in Fundraising-Dinner Fundraiser

We strongly believe that success in fundraising comes by helping your family, friends and colleagues.  That is why when one of our colleagues, Xavier, asked us to help him support his taekwondo team, many of us were glad to do so.

Xavier was training with the Ashley Taekwondo team from the age of 15 to 30. Now he helps out once in a while with their training, or whenever they need some support with their fundraising efforts.

Ashley Taekwondo -Dinner Fundraiser

The Ashley Taekwondo team was determined to go to Mexico City for the Championships this month. However, they needed to raise money to help out with expenses once over there, and they needed to raise it fast. They decided a fun and fast way of doing so would be to host a yummy spaghetti dinner fundraiser!

The team consists of eight fighters between the ages of 10 and 18.  They all pulled together with their taekwondo master to help make the event a success.  Asking for donations can be difficult, but who could say no to a yummy and cheap spaghetti dinner fundraiser?

First, they solicited help from the owners of the gym where they train.  The owners agreed to allow them to host the spaghetti dinner at the gym and even offered to provide the spaghetti and pasta.  Wow!  What a great start!  They even got a company to print tickets for the event at no cost!

Promote the Event-Dinner Fundraiser

So all that was needed was to promote the event.  The fighters and their master sold tickets to their families and friends for $5 each.  Xavier helped them out by selling some tickets to his co-workers.  Word of mouth spread fast and before they knew it, they raised $1100 in ticket sales.

In order to help raise even more money, they decided to create a raffle.  They contacted local vendors and asked if they were willing to help them out with their fundraiser.  They managed to get a hair salon to offer a $75 haircut, an Italian restaurant to offer a $50 gift certificate, and the best deli restaurant in town to offer another certificate worth $30.  What great support!

In the end, around 80 people attended the dinner.  As you can see, more people purchased tickets then the amount of people that attended.  It just goes to show you, people are willing to help out however they can in order to support a good cause.

The taekwondo master’s wife prepared the spaghetti.  They also got some friends to donate some wine and then sold it at $2 a glass.  The raffle was hosted after supper and definitely generated a lot of excitement and additional funds.

Spaghetti -Dinner Fundraiser

The spaghetti dinner fundraiser turned out to be a huge success.  Not only because the Ashley Taekwondo team raised some money for their Championships in Mexico City, but also because everyone at the event genuinely enjoyed themselves and the yummy food.

We want to wish the Ashley Taekwondo team the best of luck at the Championships!

UPDATE: The team came back as real champions from Mexico!! They got 7 medals, which included 4 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.  A big congratulations to the Ashley Taekwondo team!  Unfortunately, one fighter was injured during his first fight, and we want to wish him a speedy recovery.

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