Spooky Halloween Fundraising Treats

Spooky Halloween Fundraising Treats

Scare up some fundraising profits this fall with these spooky Halloween fundraising treats!

Trick or treat?  Treats please!  Spooky Halloween fundraising treats are a great way to “scare up” some extra fundraising dollars for fall.

What’s the most popular treat for Halloween fundraisers?  Boo pops of course!  Lollipops are always a fundraiser favorite for holidays and special events because they’re a fun, low cost treat that just about anyone can enjoy.  They come in tubs so they’re easy to handle and store, and they also sell fast because most people will buy one for themselves, and then a few extra for friends and family.

Where do you find these yummy, spooky Halloween fundraising pops?  The eFundraising store sells them in bulk quantities at a low cost for fundraising.  Shipping is free, so your cost is kept even lower, and they usually ship within 5 – 7 business days.

Where and how do you sell them?  If you’re planning a Halloween fundraising event, or party, have lollipops and chocolate pops for sale.  Schools can sell them during scheduled break times, and non profit groups can set up sale stands outside local businesses or community centers.  You can even ask businesses or your local library to keep a tub of lollipops at their front desk.  Add a ghoulish twist by decorating your lollipop tubs and selling stands with fake cobwebs, plastic spiders, jack-o-lanterns and other ghastly décor!

Happy Halloween Fundraising!

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