Sports Donation Letter Fundraising

Sports Donation Letter Fundraising

Writing sports donation letter fundraising can be a challenging project. My Sports Dreams helps organizations with fundraising letter campaigns by creating personalized sports donation letters just for your sports team or league.

If you have come to our site looking for help with a sports donation letter fundraising, you can skip the learning curve (and there is a lot to learn about writing a fundraising letter) by working with My Sports Dreams.

My Sports Dreams has worked with over 12,000 teams, from kids to college teams, from recreational to elite competition. Depending on how many players you have, your team can raise anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more.

A My Sports Dreams campaign gives your team personalized fundraising letters, and your supporters get valuable discounts of up to 40% for everything from hotels to office supplies.

How It Works

1 – My Sports Dreams creates custom sponsorship mailers personalized with your group photo, accomplishments, and fundraising goals.

2 – Your players personalize the letters with the name of their family, friends, and other potential supporters.

3 – Your team gets together to address and stamp the mailers.

4 – Supporters receive your mailer and can make a donation by phone, check, or online.

On top of all your donations, your team will get 20% off of My Sports Dream’s travel and equipment partners, dollar for dollar up to the total amount you raise. So if you raise $5,000, you can save $5,000 on sports equipment, travel services, and other things your team needs (and is probably raising money for).

My Sports Dreams takes a small fee for the materials and the work, which is well worth it for the assurance of a proven fundraising letter formula based on years of successful results, and costs much less than a typical professional fundraising consultant.


My Sports Dream- Sports Donation Letter Fundraising

For more information. You will get a free guide to sports fundraising success and a special Eastbay discount just for requesting info on their site.

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