Sports Fundraising – Spring Season Ideas

Sports Fundraising – Spring Season Ideas

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Spring is typically a big season for sports fundraising.  Here are our top ideas for spring sports fundraisers to give you a head start on the season:


Nothing says spring quite like an community barbecue!  This is a sure winner, especially if you live in a colder climate where people are itching for some summertime activities at the end of a long winter.

Tips for making this sports fundraiser work:

  • If you’re planning an outdoor fundraiser, secure an indoor location as well in case of bad weather.
  • Get local supermarkets on board – ask them to donate supplies in exchange for advertising at your event.
  • Be sure to have plenty of adult volunteers to supervise and work the grill.
  • If your players are children, get parents informed well in advance.
  • Have your team wear their uniforms to the barbecue.

Registration Fundraiser

If your league has spring registration, it’s the perfect time to get your fundraising out of the way in just one day!

Tips for making this sports fundraiser work:

  • Advise parents or players ahead of time through letters, newsletters or emails.
  • Choose a product that’s easy to store and sell, like Scratchcards or candy bars.
  • Be realistic about how much you’re asking people to pay upfront.  You may not be able to raise all the funds you need that day, but you can get a good head start.

Candy Sales

Candy sales are almost always a sure thing for sports fundraising.  Spring is an especially good season because it’s typically not hot enough to worry about melting chocolate, but it’s warm enough to plan an outdoor sale.

Tips for making this sports fundraiser work:

  • If your players are children, plan for group sales with plenty of adult supervision and get parents involved whenever possible.
  • Mix products to offer variety to supporters.  For example, lollipops and Jack Link’s are a winning fundraising team.
  • Motivate your team with small prizes for top sellers, or a group incentive if the goal is reached.

What’s your favorite sports fundraiser for spring?

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