Successful Church Fundraisers

Successful Church Fundraisers

Looking for some successful church fundraisers? You’ve come to the right place!

Have a meeting with your congregation and ask everyone what special talents they have. You will be surprised with the results! Maybe someone can sing, someone can dance, another person may be able to do special tricks, you may find a stand up comedian, an artist, a piano player….Combine all these talents and have a talent show at your church! Charge an entrance fee which will include a drink or two and enjoy spending time and recognizing the talents of your brothers and sisters.

Now that you know everyone’s special talents, you can come up with yet another successful church fundraiser: A silent auction. You might have some business owners in your congregation that are willing to donate some products, or some creative individuals willing to donate some art, or some wine makers willing to donate some home made wine. Put these products all together in one room with a sheet of paper indicating a starting bid for each. Set a time limit. For instance, give everyone two hours to go around the room and to keep on outbidding each other. At the end of the time limit, the last person to bid the highest price wins!

Other great fundraisers you can do throughout the year is to have little bake sales after your Sunday service. Tie this in with what’s in season. For instance, during apple season have apple pies, during pumpkin season – pumpkin pies, oatmeal season – oatmeal cookies, strawberry season – strawberry get the idea. This will get everyone looking forward to some great desserts throughout the year. Oh and you can include some candy bars on the side to go along with the dessert and coffee.

Enjoy your successful church fundraisers!

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