A Sweet Way to Raise Funds and Awareness

A Sweet Way to Raise Funds and Awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many of you are probably involved in some way in a fundraising or awareness raising campaign, or would like to get involved in one.

If you’re looking to organize a breast cancer fundraiser in your community, school or workplace, a sweet idea is chocolate awareness ribbon lollipops. They’re available wrapped in your choice of colored foil including pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. They come with display cases that can be placed on reception desks, at checkout counters, on ticket stations at athletic events, in school lobbies or any other high traffic area.

These unique awareness ribbons are an ideal way to raise funds because the chocolate pops are absolutely delicious, and because they come in the shape and color of awareness ribbons, you’ll be helping to raise awareness about the fight against breast cancer too.

Chocolate awareness ribbons are available to buy online in your choice of dark chocolate or milk chocolate. There are also a variety of other colors to choose from like red for AIDS or Heart Disease Awareness, yellow for Troop Support, purple for Relay for Life or Animal Abuse and many more.

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