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Top Online Fundraising Tools

Top Online Fundraising Tools

Whether you are fundraising for a school or a community organization, using online fundraising tools will add a new dimension to your fundraisers. You can use the Internet to collect donations, sell popular products, or even hold an online auction.

Here are three simple reasons your group should be fundraising online: your members can reach their supporters across the US, you can easily keep track of your fundraising progress, and your circle of support is no longer confined to your local community.

  • So where do you start? Here are our top recommendations for online fundraising.

1.  Online Magazine Fundraising

With about 4 subscriptions per household in the US, magazines remain one of the top product fundraisers. With 700 magazines to choose from – including Sports Illustrated, Oprah, Newsweek, and Better Homes and Gardens – everyone can find something they want.

eFundraising lets you do a complete fundraiser online, with your group’s own online magazine store personalized with your photo, information about your group, and your goal.

2. Online Auctions

Most of us have ordered something on eBay at some point, or at least know someone who has. But did you know that you can put the power of online auctions to work for your organization? Online auctions can be run on their own or in combination with an event.

CMarket is a company specializing in online fundraising auctions. CMarket will help you plan, promote, and hold your online auction, with years of online auction fundraising experience to ensure your success. With CMarket’s customized services, one elementary school alone raised $99,981.


3. Online Donations

It’s easy to collect donations online, whether you have a website or not. Here are some of the top online donation tools:

GiveForward: This is a brand new site and is my favorite online donation site so far, because the focus is on building a community of people who want to give, and people who need funds, matching the interests of both. Any group or individual can set up a fundraising profile in a category such as Education, Entrepreneurship, Community, Non-Profits, or Friends & Family. Anyone who joins can browse different fundraising profiles and make donations as small as $1.

As for your fundraising profile, on GiveForward, you can add videos, photos, and more, to show who you are (or what your organization is all about) and why people should give to your cause. And all this is Free!

A similar site to check out is MicroGiving .

  • FirstGiving: If you are raising money for a registered non-profit (check Guidestar to know if your organization is registered), you can set up a fundraising page on FirstGiving and add special FirstGiving badges to your Facebook, Myspace or blog pages.
  • ChipIn: ChipIn allows any group or individual to set up an online fundraising page and get fundraising badges – a good option if you are raising money for an individual or other cause that can’t be found on Guidestar.
  • Fundable: Similar to Chipin, anybody can create a fundraising page on Fundable for any cause or personal fundraiser. The difference with Fundable is that you set a goal, and if your goal is not reached, everyone gets their money back. All or nothing!
  • Your Social Network: Fundraising through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media tools is an important element of your online fundraiser (and is some cases, IS the online fundraiser). Watch for upcoming articles exploring social media fundraising success stories.

4. Online Grants for Schools

A special mention has to go to one of our favorite projects, Teachers submit proposals for their classroom projects, explaining what they need to raise money for.

We love this site because anyone can support what they feel is a deserving school project, from desperately needed learning aids to simple things like a carpet so that students can be comfortable during group activities.

When supporters read your story, they can use the tools on to set challenges and promote your idea to their contacts through tell-a-friend tools and blog badges.

5 Team Fundraisers that Show Your True Colors

5 Team Fundraisers that Show Your True Colors

Fundraising for sports teams
Check out these easy team fundraisers for sports!

At USA Fundraising, we often talk about dressing for success – wearing your group’s uniform, colors or clothing featuring a group logo when fundraising.  This bit of advice is especially true for sports teams.

But it doesn’t have to stop at a uniform.  You can also dress up your fundraising products in your team’s colors and logo!

Here are a few of our favorite team fundraisers that can be customized for your team:


This low cost fundraiser is easy to sell and often referred to as a “spirit” item because it promotes team spirit.  You can get them in a variety of colors and color combinations, and have your team name printed or embossed on the bands.

Check out Wristbands-Depot >>

Flip Flops

Another “spirit” item, flip flops are a favorite at high schools and colleges all across the country.  You can have them customized with your team colors, name and logo, and sell them at a low cost around your team’s school or community for some very nice profits.

Check out ePromos custom flip flops >>


The Online Magazine Fundraiser

A picture says a thousand words, and this online fundraiser lets you create a fundraising webpage complete with a team colors, your team’s story and a team photo!

It’s a free, family-friendly fundraiser run entirely online.  That means, no door-to-door, no collecting and counting cash, and no product to store or deliver.

Check out the Online Magazine Fundraiser >>


Scratchcards are low cost, easy to handle and can really rake in the dollars at up to 90% profit.  They can also be customized with a team logo and message, and are available in a variety of sports designs including baseball, football, soccer, softball and many, many more..

Check out Scratchcards >>

All You Magazine Fundraiser

All You Magazine Fundraiser

All You magazine has exploded in popularity thanks to the combination of an economic crisis, coupon websites, and shows like Extreme Couponing. All You magazine can only be bought at Walmart or online.

** Click here to start your own online fundraiser at eFundraisingOnline with All You and over 600 other magazines.**

Groups and savings websites all over the country have caught on to the fact that eFundraising offers the best prices on over 600 magazines, including All You magazine at just $20 for 15 issues. That’s just $1.33 for every issue of All You, stocked with coupons and easy tips on saving money – at Walmart, the magazine sells for $2.50. And it gets better: a 24 issue subscription costs $30 or just $1.25 per issue.

Whether raising money for disaster relief, sports teams, or schools, the popularity of All You magazine has groups flocking to eFundraising to start their own online fundraiser. Even though there are over 600 magazines on the online fundraising store, we are seeing dozens of groups posting about their All You fundraiser, because the coupons and deals are so useful.

Along with All You, there are over 600 other magazines at discounted prices. Everything is there – People, Time, The Economist, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Parenting, Redbook, InStyle … pretty much any magazine you can think of.

The online magazine fundraiser can be started by any group that needs to raise money for a cause.

Don’t miss out on the popularity of extreme couponing – start your free online fundraiser with All You magazine and more.

Take Advantage of the Savings Craze With Your Own Online Fundraising Store

Take Advantage of the Savings Craze With Your Own Online Fundraising Store

 Create a fundraising flyer

How Your Group Can Earn Money With Magazine Fundraising While Your Supporters Save

Do you buy magazines at checkout? Subscribe to one or more of your favorites?

Nearly every American reads magazines. That’s why magazine fundraisers are at the top of the list of fundraiser best sellers, along with the classic candy bar fundraiser.

But did you know your group can have their own free, personalized online fundraising store, with over 650 different magazines – everything from Sports Illustrated to People magazine? And your supporters save money, since the fundraising store gives super special rates.

Most recently, with the show Extreme Couponing, and coupon websites popping up left and right, All You magazine has been selling like crazy.

All You is available only at Walmart for $2.50, but through the magazine fundraising store, it’s $1 or less per issue (15 issues for $15 or 30 issues for $25). Even the coupon sites are telling all their readers about this deal, while raising money for local food banks and other organizations.

There are plenty of combo offers too. With the example of All You, you can double up with Cooking Light and get 12 issues of each for $24 – again, just $1 per magazine. And for the sports fan, Sports Illustrated magazine is LESS than $1 per issue.

With your group’s online fundraising store, you can also sell ecertificates, cookie dough, and other top fundraising products.

So if you aren’t taking advantage of the coupon craze, start your store for free now, and invite your friends and family to save money on their favorite magazines while your group gets their support.

It’s free and as easy to set up as Facebook. Set up your group’s free online fundraiser now and start earning on the savings.

Magazines – The Ultimate Summer Fundraiser!

Magazines – The Ultimate Summer Fundraiser!

What makes magazines the ultimate summer fundraiser?  We’ve got 10 reasons that are sure to have you convinced!

We’re not talking about just any magazine fundraiser – we’re talking about the Online Magazine Fundraiser from eFundraising.

10 reasons to choose eFundraising this summer:

1. Safe

There are no door-to-door sales.

2. Stress-Free

You never handle cash, inventory, order forms or deliveries.

3. 100% FREE

You never pay anything.

4. Easy

Contact and encourage participants by email – more efficient than planning a meeting or getting on the phone.

5. Prizes

There’s a built-in prize program to get your group members motivated – now featuring iPhones and a 42” flat screen TV!

6. Wide Reach

Participants contact supporters by email, which means they can reach out to friends and family all across the country.

7. Great Product

Did you know that about half of all US adults purchase their magazines through subscriptions?  Just imagine if everyone you knew purchased their subscriptions through your fundraiser!

8. Personal Touch

You can customize your online magazine fundraiser with color, text and even a group photo to give it a special, personal touch.

9. Automated Reports

Want to keep track of who’d participating, and how much?  Want to see how close you are to your goal?  It’s all done for you!  Quickly and easily check online profit, progress and participation reports anytime.

10. 40% Profit

Your group gets 40% of all sales from your magazine store.

All these reasons (and more!) make the Online Magazine Fundraiser ideal any time of year, but especially in the summer.  People often go on vacation, or have summer activities that make it difficult to get your group together.  Also, many people welcome the chance to use their summers to relax and have fun.  That’s why an easy, profitable, no-fuss fundraiser like eFundraising is perfect for summer.

Church Fundraising: How to Get Started

Church Fundraising: How to Get Started

Churches often having many fundraising initiatives on the go at once.  There are mission trips, youth groups, outreach programs, general maintenance and up-keep and much more.  Here are a few church fundraising ideas to help your church succeed.

Your church is healthy, the congregation is good…but you need to raise funds for your church’s mission trip or building initiative and you are not quite sure how to go about it.  Here’s how:

First, discuss your goals with your congregation, the resources you have available and what everyone is comfortable with.  Once this is established, then you can decide how to go about fundraising for your church.

It’s always best to have a combination of fundraising products and events to help raise as much money as possible.  One great fundraiser for your congregation is the church Scratchcard.  It’s a great product that can be personalized just for your church, and it’s a simple way of getting donations.  All you need to do is to ask your friends, family and neighbors to scratch off an amount that ranges from $0 to $2.50 and there you go – you start to get some donations!  In return, in order to thank them for doing so, you give them a sheet of brand name coupons as their free gift.  It’s a lot of fun and very profitable for church fundraising because each card raises up to $100.

Another great church fundraiser is having a bake sale right after your Sunday mass.  It’s a great way to spend some additional time with your fellow brothers and sisters and you get to do it over a few goodies.

If your church has a website, you could promote your fundraising needs, and ask people to help out if they can.  If your church does not have a website, we strongly suggest you to get one.  This can be done by pretty much anyone with no technical experience at little to no cost.  Check out  You need to get your word out and being able to refer people to a website is an ideal way of doing so. is another great one.  You can subscribe to your favorite magazine and get your friends to as well all while fundraising for your church.  Get magazines such as Angels on Earth, Catholic Digest, Charisma & Christian Life Magazine, Children’s Ministry, Group, Living with Christ, God’s Word Today and many, many more at up to 85% off newsstand prices!  On top of these savings, your church will get a 40% profit check on all magazine sales made!

And before taking on any church fundraising endeavors, always pray together as a congregation and ask God to guide you with your efforts.  With Him helping you, you are sure to take the right path.  God Bless!

Top Summer Fundraising Ideas

Top Summer Fundraising Ideas

Looking for great ideas for hot summer fundraisers? Here are our top summer fundraising ideas:


All year long we look forward to the fun of summer. The possibilities are endless for fun summer fundraising events. Here are some of the best summer fundraising events and activities.

Car Wash

This tried-and-true fundraiser is a natural choice for summer since groups   of just about all sizes can run a profitable car wash.  Make yours even more profitable by checking out these car wash fundraising tips >>


Summer and hot dogs go hand in hand, and with hot dogs being one of the most economical barbecue choices, they’re the perfect menu item for a summer barbecue fundraiser.

Block Party or Day in the Park

Buck up your barbecue with a full-on block party or Day in the Park! This one takes a little bit of extra planning, and is perfect for community organizations that are known among local residents, and have a team of volunteers to help out. Learn more about using a block party as a fundraising event >>

Just-for-Fun Game

Sports like baseball, football and basketball are lots of fun in the summer, and also a great way to raise funds.  Organize fun games like parents vs. kids, girls vs. boys, etc, and charge a small fee to join a team, or allow people to join in with a donation amount of their choice.


Or any “thon” that gets your group outside and enjoying the summer weather (walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon, etc). Learn more about “thon” fundraisers >>

Yard Sale

A yard sale is a great way to clear the clutter, and raise lots of money.  It does take some pre-planning though.  Check out this article for great yard sale fundraiser tips & ideas >>

Pool Party

If you have the resources (a pool for starters, and also proper supervision if you’re working with children), a pool party is an awesome fundraiser idea for summer!  Sell snacks, raffle off prizes, and set up carnival-type games like a ring toss!

Water Balloon Fight

Find a large open space in your community, like a park or field, and organize the biggest water balloon fight anyone has ever seen!  You can either charge per water balloon, or make it a team sport where people pay  a team fee to enter.

Concert in the Park

A concert takes a lot of planning, but if you have the resources it can be a huge success.  Put together a showcase of local talent for your concert.  Many local bands will play for free because it’s a great opportunity for them to display their talents, and this is especially popular if you’re working with kids and teens!

Ice Cream Fundraisers

Okay, we know ice cream melts, but who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day?  Check out these ice cream event fundraisers from Step by Step Fundraising.

For any outdoor fundraising event, be sure to keep these summer safety tips in mind.


Many green fundraisers involve being outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Check out these 3 green fundraising ideas, including a community cleanup, a green motion marathon, and an adopt-a-tree fundraiser, and of course, if no other groups are doing it, why not start a can and bottle drive fundraiser in your community?


In the summer, chocolate and other popular fundraising products can get sticky, messy, and melty. Here are some other popular fundraising products that can withstand the heat of summer.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is becoming more popular as a fundraising product. Jack Link’s is the top beef jerky fundraiser, and is especially popular for football, baseball, and basketball teams. It’s also great because it’s easy to sell at concessions and sports facilities. Get some tips on the best beef jerky fundraiser. 


Nothing sells faster than lollipops, especially at sporting events, community get-togethers, and other fun summer activities.

They’re also inexpensive, easy to carry and won’t melt on a hot day.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great fundraising idea for any time of year, and in the summer your supporters will be happy to support a fundraiser that gets them out enjoying the summer evenings at restaurant patios. A restaurant gift card fundraiser is a perfect way to let your supporters enjoy outdoor dining while getting a $50 meal for just $20.

Scratch Cards

A Scratch Card fundraiser is a way for your group to ask for donations, while giving something in return. Since there is no food involved, this program can be used any time of the year. Perfect for summer sports, especially with the new personalization option that lets your group print its own photo on the front of the card – a great way to show team spirit and show off your team at their best!


You’ll especially love fundraising online in the summer because most online fundraisers are so quick and easy that you’ll be set up in a matter of minutes, which means more time for yourself to enjoy the sunny days of summer!  Online fundraisers are also perfect if your group members or supporters are traveling on summer vacations and you need something that can work right across the country.

A great one to try out is eFundraising.  It’s fast, FREE and easy. eFundraising lets you set up your own online magazine store and invite supporters from coast to coast, and all they do is buy or renew subscriptions for  magazines they are probably already buying – and they will save money too!

Find more great online fundraising ideas >>

Looking for more fun and easy summer fundraisers?

Get a free fundraising product guide >>

Top 5 Holiday Fundraisers

Top 5 Holiday Fundraisers

It’s that time of year again!  Schools, churches, sports teams, charities and a variety of non-profit organizations are putting together their holiday fundraising campaigns.  In fact, some have even started rolling them out!
To get you in the holiday fundraising spirit, here are USA Fundraising’s top 5 fundraisers for the holidays.


Of all the seasons, this is the one where chocolates and candy bars are really going to bring in the dough.

Why?  They make great stocking stuffers; are the perfect treat for kids, neighbours, even coworkers; and giving yourself a little indulgent treat is the perfect way to start celebrating the holidays.

Even better, at just a dollar or two per bar, it’s an affordable treat for everyone.

Check out these chocolate fundraising products >

Donation Jars

Donation jars do well during the holidays because people tend to be in a giving spirit.  More importantly, donation jars allow people to simply donate some spare change, which almost anyone can afford.  And, with donations, the money you raise is pure profit.

Read about donation fundraisers >



Magazines, especially when sold online, are a great holiday fundraiser because magazines are the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Your supporters will love the opportunity to get a jump start on their holiday shopping, but more importantly, they’ll really appreciate the low cost, and the wide selection.

Magazines are one of the easiest gifts to give to friends and family no matter what part of the country they live in.

Check out the Online Magazine Fundraiser – It’s Free! > 

Bake Sales

People love offering their holiday guests a variety of freshly baked goodies when they drop by.  That’s why the holidays are when bake sales shine.

A great idea is to combine your bake sale with a  frozen cookie dough sale.  People can buy ready made treats, and place orders for frozen cookie dough so that they can whip up freshly baked cookies anytime, with almost no effort.

Read about bake sale fundraisers >

Check out these cookie dough fundraisers >



A unique type of donation fundraiser, Scratchcard fundraising is a fun way to collect small donation amounts that add up to big profits.

Scratchcards feature free coupon sheets as thank-you gifts for supporters, so they get a special gift of appreciation for their donations, and the opportunity to save some money.


What’s more, you can get special holiday themed Scratchcards, or customizable Scratchcards printed with your group photo!

Get more information on Scratchcards > 


Do you have a fun holiday fundraising idea that you would like to share with the USA Fundraising community?

For more product fundraisers for holiday time, or any time, get a free fundraising product guide mailed right to your door.