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5 Team Fundraisers that Show Your True Colors

5 Team Fundraisers that Show Your True Colors

Fundraising for sports teams
Check out these easy team fundraisers for sports!

At USA Fundraising, we often talk about dressing for success – wearing your group’s uniform, colors or clothing featuring a group logo when fundraising.  This bit of advice is especially true for sports teams.

But it doesn’t have to stop at a uniform.  You can also dress up your fundraising products in your team’s colors and logo!

Here are a few of our favorite team fundraisers that can be customized for your team:


This low cost fundraiser is easy to sell and often referred to as a “spirit” item because it promotes team spirit.  You can get them in a variety of colors and color combinations, and have your team name printed or embossed on the bands.

Check out Wristbands-Depot >>

Flip Flops

Another “spirit” item, flip flops are a favorite at high schools and colleges all across the country.  You can have them customized with your team colors, name and logo, and sell them at a low cost around your team’s school or community for some very nice profits.

Check out ePromos custom flip flops >>


The Online Magazine Fundraiser

A picture says a thousand words, and this online fundraiser lets you create a fundraising webpage complete with a team colors, your team’s story and a team photo!

It’s a free, family-friendly fundraiser run entirely online.  That means, no door-to-door, no collecting and counting cash, and no product to store or deliver.

Check out the Online Magazine Fundraiser >>


Scratchcards are low cost, easy to handle and can really rake in the dollars at up to 90% profit.  They can also be customized with a team logo and message, and are available in a variety of sports designs including baseball, football, soccer, softball and many, many more..

Check out Scratchcards >>

All You Magazine Fundraiser

All You Magazine Fundraiser

All You magazine has exploded in popularity thanks to the combination of an economic crisis, coupon websites, and shows like Extreme Couponing. All You magazine can only be bought at Walmart or online.

** Click here to start your own online fundraiser at eFundraisingOnline with All You and over 600 other magazines.**

Groups and savings websites all over the country have caught on to the fact that eFundraising offers the best prices on over 600 magazines, including All You magazine at just $20 for 15 issues. That’s just $1.33 for every issue of All You, stocked with coupons and easy tips on saving money – at Walmart, the magazine sells for $2.50. And it gets better: a 24 issue subscription costs $30 or just $1.25 per issue.

Whether raising money for disaster relief, sports teams, or schools, the popularity of All You magazine has groups flocking to eFundraising to start their own online fundraiser. Even though there are over 600 magazines on the online fundraising store, we are seeing dozens of groups posting about their All You fundraiser, because the coupons and deals are so useful.

Along with All You, there are over 600 other magazines at discounted prices. Everything is there – People, Time, The Economist, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Parenting, Redbook, InStyle … pretty much any magazine you can think of.

The online magazine fundraiser can be started by any group that needs to raise money for a cause.

Don’t miss out on the popularity of extreme couponing – start your free online fundraiser with All You magazine and more.

Magazines – The Ultimate Summer Fundraiser!

Magazines – The Ultimate Summer Fundraiser!

What makes magazines the ultimate summer fundraiser?  We’ve got 10 reasons that are sure to have you convinced!

We’re not talking about just any magazine fundraiser – we’re talking about the Online Magazine Fundraiser from eFundraising.

10 reasons to choose eFundraising this summer:

1. Safe

There are no door-to-door sales.

2. Stress-Free

You never handle cash, inventory, order forms or deliveries.

3. 100% FREE

You never pay anything.

4. Easy

Contact and encourage participants by email – more efficient than planning a meeting or getting on the phone.

5. Prizes

There’s a built-in prize program to get your group members motivated – now featuring iPhones and a 42” flat screen TV!

6. Wide Reach

Participants contact supporters by email, which means they can reach out to friends and family all across the country.

7. Great Product

Did you know that about half of all US adults purchase their magazines through subscriptions?  Just imagine if everyone you knew purchased their subscriptions through your fundraiser!

8. Personal Touch

You can customize your online magazine fundraiser with color, text and even a group photo to give it a special, personal touch.

9. Automated Reports

Want to keep track of who’d participating, and how much?  Want to see how close you are to your goal?  It’s all done for you!  Quickly and easily check online profit, progress and participation reports anytime.

10. 40% Profit

Your group gets 40% of all sales from your magazine store.

All these reasons (and more!) make the Online Magazine Fundraiser ideal any time of year, but especially in the summer.  People often go on vacation, or have summer activities that make it difficult to get your group together.  Also, many people welcome the chance to use their summers to relax and have fun.  That’s why an easy, profitable, no-fuss fundraiser like eFundraising is perfect for summer.

4 Fundraisers for Fall Sports

4 Fundraisers for Fall Sports

fresh vegetables on table
Our top 4 picks for fall sports fundraisers.

Fundraising for fall sports often means competing with a variety of other fundraising groups like schools and Boy/Girl Scouts.  The key is to choose fundraisers that will stand out, but at the same time have a tradition of success that will ensure you reach your goals.

Here are our top 4 for you:

Nestle Chocolate

A candy bar fundraiser is almost always a sure thing.  But you want yours to stand out.  That’s why we recommend Nestle Chocolate.  The brands are recognize, loved, classics, making them truly irresistible from other chocolate fundraising products.

Check out Nestle Chocolate >>

Car Washes

Before the weather cools off, get a final car wash in.  Not many groups run car washes in the fall, so you’ll definitely stand out, and working together is a great team building exercise.  It can get chilly, so recommend team members dress warmly.  A great tip is thin cotton gloves under rubber dish gloves to keep hands warm and dry.

Read about successful car washes >>

Magazines Online

Going online can really make your magazine sale stand out.  It also makes the fundraiser more efficient for you.  Rather than gathering your team, handing out order forms, taking orders and collecting cash, all you do is register online and email the info to your team.  They then email friends and family to shop for magazines.

Learn more about Magazines Online >>


Raffles are easy and fun on game day.  Get prizes donated by local businesses.  Even small prizes can generate hype.  You’d be surprised how many people will pay a dollar or two for a chance to win a free pizza coupon, or department store gift basket!  Sell tickets at the door, through the stands, or at a ticket counter.

Read about organizing raffles >>

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Top 10 Summer Fundraising Ideas

Top 10 Summer Fundraising Ideas

summer fundraising ideas
Looking for great ideas for hot summer fundraisers?  Here are our top 10 summer fundraising ideas:

1.  Car Wash

This tried-and-true fundraiser is a natural choice for summer since groups of just about all sizes can run a profitable car wash.

2.  Barbecue

Summer and hotdogs go hand in hand, and with hotdogs being one of the most economical barbecue choices, they’re the perfect menu item for a summer barbecue fundraiser.


3.  Online Fundraising

You’ll especially love fundraising online in the summer because most online fundraisers are so quick and easy that you’ll be set up in a matter of minutes, which means more time for yourself to enjoy the sunny days of summer!

A great one to try out is eFundraising.  It’s fast, FREE and easy.


4.  Just-for-Fun Game

Sports like baseball, football and basketball are lots of fun in the summer, and also a great way to raise funds.  Organize fun games like parents vs. kids, girls vs. boys, etc, and charge a small fee to join a team, or allow people to join in with a donation amount of their choice.


5.  Bike-A-Thon

Or any “thon” that gets your group outside and enjoying the summer weather.


6.  Yard Sale

A yard sale is a great way to clear the clutter, and raise lots of money.  It does take some pre-planning though.


7.  Lollipop Sale

Nothing sells faster than lollipops, especially at sporting events, community get-togethers, and other fun summer activities.  They’re also easy to carry and won’t melt on a hot day.


8.  Pool Party

If you have the resources (a pool for starters, and also proper supervision if you’re working with children), a pool party is an awesome fundraiser idea for summer!  Sell snacks, raffle off prizes, and set up carnival-type games like a ring toss!

9.  Water Balloon Fight

Find a large open space in your community, like a park or field, and organize the biggest water balloon fight anyone has ever seen!  You can either charge per water balloon, or make it a team sport where people pay a team fee to enter.


10.  Concert in the Park

A concert takes a lot of planning, but if you have the resources it can be a huge success.  Put together a showcase of local talent for your concert.  Many local bands will play for free because it’s a great opportunity for them to display their talents, and this is especially popular if you’re working with kids and teens!

Looking for more fun and easy summer fundraisers?

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Top 5 School Fundraising Ideas

Top 5 School Fundraising Ideas

School supplies on blackboard background
Sure it’s summer, but what better time to get a jump start on your school fundraising calendar?

Summer’s in full swing, but before you know it, the back-to-school season will be here again.  And that means time for school fundraisers.  Planning ahead is a great way to be ready for the busy season.

To help get you started, here are five of our favorite school fundraisers:

Peanut-Free Chocolate

When you think ‘school fundraiser’ what’s the first thing you think of?  Most people immediately think of chocolate and candy bars.  That’s because it’s an easy fundraiser to organize, it’s low cost to you and your supporters, and it’s really easy to sell.

However, many schools today have banned peanut products due to severe allergies.  The solution?  Chocolate!  It has all the benefits of a traditional chocolate fundraiser (including the creamy, delicious taste!), and several are certified peanut-free.

Check out fundraising chocolate >>

Crazy Dress Days

Kids love to dress up!  Even high school-ers love these fun and crazy fundraising days.  You can organize anything from “Wacky Hat Day” to “Black Tie Tuesday” to “Backwards Day”.  A really fun one is the “Switch-er-oo” – students dress like their favorite teacher, and teachers dress like students!

Students pay a small fee to participate.  Because the event doesn’t cost anything to organize, all the money you collect will be pure profit.

Magazines Online

This is one of our favorite fundraisers for school because:

• There are no door-to-door sales.
• You never handle cash, products, order forms or deliveries.
• Getting parents involved is easy because of how simple it is for them to help out on their own time.
• It’s easy to motivate students because they can earn prizes by participating.
• Sales and participation are automatically tracked for you online.

Learn more about this fundraiser >>

Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is fast becoming a fundraising standard for schools.  That’s because the profits are so high, and the product is really easy to sell.

Available in scoop-n-bake (tubs of dough), or place-n-bake (boxes of pre-portioned, unbaked cookies), and a range of decadent flavors, this convenient treat is a favorite of busy families.

A fun, profit-boosting idea is to set up a table at a bake sale or other school event.  Take orders, or pre-order dough and sell it directly.

Check out this fundraising cookie dough supplier >>


Getting local businesses to donate items like bicycles, sporting equipment, books, toys or gift certificates is a great way to get a raffle started.  If you can’t get items donated, raffle off intangible rewards like lunch in the teacher’s lounge, the chance to throw a pie at the principal, teacher-for-a-day, or a week’s use of the principal’s chair.

Some states restrict the sale of raffle tickets.  In this case, one option is to sell low cost items like lollipops or beef snacks, and give raffle tickets as the free gift with purchase.  Be sure to check with state officials first though.

Check out this supplier of lollipops and beef snacks for fundraising >>


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Q&A: Raising Funds for a School Trip

Q&A: Raising Funds for a School Trip

Teacher With Children On Field Trip
A USA Fundraising reader asks how to raise funds for a high school trip to Europe.


My daughter, a sophomore in high school, needs ideas on how to raise money for a trip to Europe.  She was chosen to participate in a music festival, which takes place in July and needs help raising $4000.00.  Any ideas?


Congratulations to your daughter for being chosen for such a great trip!

One of our favorite fundraisers for individual fundraising like this is the online magazine fundraiser (you can find it at  The reason is that it’s so easy to do and because it’s online, it gives you a very wide reach to reach out to everyone you know across the US using the built-in email feature.  It’s also free, so you aren’t having to spend any money upfront.  The program gives you your own online magazine store, so if you, your daughter or other family members use Facebook, MySpace or another “social networking” type application, you can even promote your fundraiser there by posting the URL (web address) of your magazine store.

If there are other students going on the trip, it might also be a good idea to get together with those parents and organize a fundraising sale.  You could pool your resources to purchase products like chocolate, candy or lollipops and ask a local business or community center if they’ll allow you to sell outside their store or office.  With the group, you could also try to organize events like a car wash, bake sale or BBQ.

Another great way to raise funds is to have a yard sale.  Set aside a day to go through your home and collect all the things you no longer want or need that are still in good condition.  Get your whole family involved, and ask friends and neighbors if they will donate some of their unwanted items.  You get to raise funds, and they get the clutter cleared out for them!  Collect things like books (cookbooks are always great sellers), old toys, small appliances, small pieces of furniture, glassware, sportswear and equipment, tools, household ornaments, picture frames, even clothes you no longer wear but are still in good condition.  You’ll surprised how much you have in your own home, and how much you can raise!  If you or a family member has a skill for baking, you can even set up a bake sale table for extra profits.

I hope these ideas help get you started!  If you need any more details on how to run a specific fundraiser, or need more ideas, please let us know.

Happy Fundraising!

Magazine Fundraising for Schools

Magazine Fundraising for Schools

open magazines
Magazine fundraising is becoming increasingly popular as a school fundraiser. Find out why schools, parents and children all love this fundraiser!

Did you know that we live in a country where we have 22 magazines that talk just about shoes? Yup, we have quite a variety of magazines in America, and this is a big part of why magazine fundraising is becoming more and more popular these days, and especially in schools.  Why the increase in popularity as a school fundraiser you might ask?

Well, seeing that the average household subscribes to 4 magazines a year, when it comes time to renewing their favorite magazine, they often jump at the opportunity to renew through a school fundraiser. And why not!  They get their magazine at a discount, and at the same time they help out a child with their fundraiser, and contribute to that child’s education.  Magazine fundraising works not only because magazines are so popular, but because there is such a variety of magazines out there, that you are pretty sure there will be at least one magazine that interests everyone and is offered at a better price through fundraising than if you were to buy it from a newsstand.

Magazine fundraisers are also easy.  You don’t have to ask for any pledges, donations or sponsorships, or worry about carrying and storing inventory.  It’s also a great way for parents to get involved because it’s much easier to bring an order form to the office than a box of candy bars, and chances are they have several coworkers who currently subscribe to a magazine and would be happy to renew it at the discounted prices many fundraisers offer.  There are also no deliveries to worry about because the magazines come directly from the publishers once the order is processed – the post office delivers everything for you!  Additionally, for schools that are looking for a healthier, non-food alternative to chocolate and sweets, magazine fundraising is a great choice.

For an even easier option, you can actually run a magazine fundraiser online, which means you don’t have to worry about children going door-to-door, or stress about order forms.  The school principal, or fundraiser organizer can easily use the online program to email all the parents letting them know about the fundraiser.  Then, the parents can use the same program to email all their friends and family across the United States asking them to purchase their favorite magazines at the school’s online magazine shop while helping their child reach their fundraising goals.

The list of benefits just goes on and on…what’s even more rewarding is that once someone orders a magazine subscription through your school; they are more likely to continue to renew their subscriptions with you every year, so by starting now, you’re creating an annual source of income for your school or school group.  In fact, more than 98% of the school and youth organizations will renew their magazines the following year.

You must be reading this and saying..”well, there has to be at least one draw back!”  There really isn’t, it’s that simple. Your school gets a list of all the subscriptions for sale  – usually around 650 different magazines – and then you get a percentage of your total sales as your profit.  In the case of the online magazine fundraiser, you get a profit of 40% sent to you by mail every month.  The online program also provides easy reporting features that track all profit and sales for you.

Oh sorry..there might be just one thing… you have to be a bit patient.  Once a magazine order is placed through a fundraiser, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks before the first issue is received.  This is the time it takes for everything to be processed.  But what are a few weeks of waiting when you can save up to 85% off the newsstand prices?

It’s no wonder that there are over 20 000 groups that do annual magazine fundraisers…why not start one for yourself, right now?

Top 5 Holiday Fundraisers

Top 5 Holiday Fundraisers

It’s that time of year again!  Schools, churches, sports teams, charities and a variety of non-profit organizations are putting together their holiday fundraising campaigns.  In fact, some have even started rolling them out!
To get you in the holiday fundraising spirit, here are USA Fundraising’s top 5 fundraisers for the holidays.


Of all the seasons, this is the one where chocolates and candy bars are really going to bring in the dough.

Why?  They make great stocking stuffers; are the perfect treat for kids, neighbours, even coworkers; and giving yourself a little indulgent treat is the perfect way to start celebrating the holidays.

Even better, at just a dollar or two per bar, it’s an affordable treat for everyone.

Check out these chocolate fundraising products >

Donation Jars

Donation jars do well during the holidays because people tend to be in a giving spirit.  More importantly, donation jars allow people to simply donate some spare change, which almost anyone can afford.  And, with donations, the money you raise is pure profit.

Read about donation fundraisers >



Magazines, especially when sold online, are a great holiday fundraiser because magazines are the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Your supporters will love the opportunity to get a jump start on their holiday shopping, but more importantly, they’ll really appreciate the low cost, and the wide selection.

Magazines are one of the easiest gifts to give to friends and family no matter what part of the country they live in.

Check out the Online Magazine Fundraiser – It’s Free! > 

Bake Sales

People love offering their holiday guests a variety of freshly baked goodies when they drop by.  That’s why the holidays are when bake sales shine.

A great idea is to combine your bake sale with a  frozen cookie dough sale.  People can buy ready made treats, and place orders for frozen cookie dough so that they can whip up freshly baked cookies anytime, with almost no effort.

Read about bake sale fundraisers >

Check out these cookie dough fundraisers >



A unique type of donation fundraiser, Scratchcard fundraising is a fun way to collect small donation amounts that add up to big profits.

Scratchcards feature free coupon sheets as thank-you gifts for supporters, so they get a special gift of appreciation for their donations, and the opportunity to save some money.


What’s more, you can get special holiday themed Scratchcards, or customizable Scratchcards printed with your group photo!

Get more information on Scratchcards > 


Do you have a fun holiday fundraising idea that you would like to share with the USA Fundraising community?

For more product fundraisers for holiday time, or any time, get a free fundraising product guide mailed right to your door.