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Easy Money-Saver Fundraising Ideas

Easy Money-Saver Fundraising Ideas

Everyone likes to save money if they can, what about a fundraiser that does just that? Money saver fundraisers are an easy sell because of the passes and coupons that can benefit them. Here are some money-saving items you can use for your next fundraiser.

National Savings Pass

The National Savings Pass provides hefty discounts at a wide range of retailers, restaurants, and venues. With this pass your supporters can save up to 40% at places like Disneyland Resort, Sears, Chilly’s, Papa John’s, Sam’s Club, and many more. With such a wide range of places where these passes are valid, your supporters can be sure to find a good use for them.

Save Around

Save Around coupon books come packed with thousands of dollars in savings. They’ve partnered with over 15,000 different companies and organizations so, similar to the National Savings Pass, your supporters will find something useful. The coupon books are specific to each state, so be sure to order the right ones for your location. The Save Around coupon books are a great choice for schools, churches, and community groups. At a 50% profit margin, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Restaurant Gift Cards

What would you do with a $100 gift card redeemable at your favorite restaurant? Give your supporters the option to dine for less with a gift card. You sell the cards for $20, and your supporters get $100 to spend at a restaurant of their choice.

Money savers practically sell themselves so get out there and meet your supporters. Happy fundraising!

Take Advantage of the Savings Craze With Your Own Online Fundraising Store

Take Advantage of the Savings Craze With Your Own Online Fundraising Store

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How Your Group Can Earn Money With Magazine Fundraising While Your Supporters Save

Do you buy magazines at checkout? Subscribe to one or more of your favorites?

Nearly every American reads magazines. That’s why magazine fundraisers are at the top of the list of fundraiser best sellers, along with the classic candy bar fundraiser.

But did you know your group can have their own free, personalized online fundraising store, with over 650 different magazines – everything from Sports Illustrated to People magazine? And your supporters save money, since the fundraising store gives super special rates.

Most recently, with the show Extreme Couponing, and coupon websites popping up left and right, All You magazine has been selling like crazy.

All You is available only at Walmart for $2.50, but through the magazine fundraising store, it’s $1 or less per issue (15 issues for $15 or 30 issues for $25). Even the coupon sites are telling all their readers about this deal, while raising money for local food banks and other organizations.

There are plenty of combo offers too. With the example of All You, you can double up with Cooking Light and get 12 issues of each for $24 – again, just $1 per magazine. And for the sports fan, Sports Illustrated magazine is LESS than $1 per issue.

With your group’s online fundraising store, you can also sell ecertificates, cookie dough, and other top fundraising products.

So if you aren’t taking advantage of the coupon craze, start your store for free now, and invite your friends and family to save money on their favorite magazines while your group gets their support.

It’s free and as easy to set up as Facebook. Set up your group’s free online fundraiser now and start earning on the savings.