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Top 5 Church Fundraisers

Our top 5 picks for fun and successful church fundraising!

Community Gatherings

At the heart of most churches is a sense of community, family and friendship.  This can play a central role in your fundraising as well.  Choose activities and events that promote a sense of togetherness, such as picnics and barbecues, talent shows, bake sales, pageants and more.  You’ll not only raise funds, you’ll also raise spirits.

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Cookie Dough

There are several reasons why cookie dough is a great fundraising product for churches.  Here are just a few:

• Frozen cookie dough makes it quick and easy to get fresh baked cookies when company drops by.  Your congregation will love it!

• As a pre-sale fundraiser, deliveries are made easier by the fact that congregation members can simply pick up their cookie dough orders the following Sunday morning!

• There are wholesome cookie dough choices available for churches will nutrition concerns.

• The profits are quite high, making it easier to reach your goal.

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The Online Magazine Fundraiser

Powered by QSP Reader’s Digest, this family-friendly online fundraiser is a great way for busy churches to boost their fundraising success quickly, easily and at no cost.

It’s entirely online, and all you do is email your members inviting them to participate.  They participate by sending emails to friends and family across the country, inviting them to shop at your online magazine store.  Supporters choose from a variety of magazines, and your church receives 40% of the total sales in a monthly profit check.

It’s great because you can also customize it with text, color and an image or photo of your church, and link it to an existing website.  If your church raises funds for other causes, you can even set up multiple online fundraisers, at absolutely no cost.

Learn more about this online fundraiser

Donation Fundraisers

Many churches raise funds quite successfully through collecting donations.  There are many different fun and unique ways to do this beyond simply asking for donations, including fundraising activities and events.  For major donations, you can also have some success through letter writing, which not only helps with your fundraising, but also helps spread the word about your church’s mission.

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Chocolate and Candy Bars

Chocolate fundraisers are great for just about any group type.  We especially like them for churches because often all you have to do is put out a display box every Sunday (and every other time there is a gathering at your church), and put a cash box or jar next to it.

A great idea is to sell them at a “suggested donation amount”.  For example, if you’re selling dollar bars, you can put out your chocolate with a sign that reads, “Help support our church.  Donate a minimum of $1 to our fund and get a candy bar!”

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Many churches raise funds not just for the church itself, but for other causes around the world as well.  Here are a few of our favorite fundraisers and charitable endeavors that your church can take part in:

Oxfam Unwrapped – Oxfam International’s “Unwrapped” fundraiser lets you buy much needed items to be sent to developing countries.  Things like sheep, seeds, school desks, emergency kits and more really make a difference.

Kiva – A nonprofit microfinancing organization, Kiva pairs lenders in North America and abroad with small business owners in the developing world.  Loans start at as little as $25, and help people by allowing them to purchase bulk stock for a grocery store, repair a car for a taxi business, buy a sewing machine to expand a tailoring business, and so much more.  And with microfinancing, the money you put in actually gets paid back, so you can return it to your church, or fund another loan through Kiva.

World Vision – Like Oxfam, you can purchase basic needs and emergency aid items to send to areas of the world that are in crisis.  World Vision is also most known for its “sponsor a child” campaign, where you and your church can sponsor a child’s growth, education, medical care and so much more.

Quick Tip:  Double up!  If you want to raise funds for a charity and also need money for your church, make your campaigns “half and half” fundraisers where half the money raised will go to the charity, and half will go to support the church.

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