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Top 5 Holiday Fundraisers

It’s that time of year again!  Schools, churches, sports teams, charities and a variety of non-profit organizations are putting together their holiday fundraising campaigns.  In fact, some have even started rolling them out!
To get you in the holiday fundraising spirit, here are USA Fundraising’s top 5 fundraisers for the holidays.


Of all the seasons, this is the one where chocolates and candy bars are really going to bring in the dough.

Why?  They make great stocking stuffers; are the perfect treat for kids, neighbours, even coworkers; and giving yourself a little indulgent treat is the perfect way to start celebrating the holidays.

Even better, at just a dollar or two per bar, it’s an affordable treat for everyone.

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Donation Jars

Donation jars do well during the holidays because people tend to be in a giving spirit.  More importantly, donation jars allow people to simply donate some spare change, which almost anyone can afford.  And, with donations, the money you raise is pure profit.

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Magazines, especially when sold online, are a great holiday fundraiser because magazines are the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Your supporters will love the opportunity to get a jump start on their holiday shopping, but more importantly, they’ll really appreciate the low cost, and the wide selection.

Magazines are one of the easiest gifts to give to friends and family no matter what part of the country they live in.

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Bake Sales

People love offering their holiday guests a variety of freshly baked goodies when they drop by.  That’s why the holidays are when bake sales shine.

A great idea is to combine your bake sale with a  frozen cookie dough sale.  People can buy ready made treats, and place orders for frozen cookie dough so that they can whip up freshly baked cookies anytime, with almost no effort.

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A unique type of donation fundraiser, Scratchcard fundraising is a fun way to collect small donation amounts that add up to big profits.

Scratchcards feature free coupon sheets as thank-you gifts for supporters, so they get a special gift of appreciation for their donations, and the opportunity to save some money.

What’s more, you can get special holiday themed Scratchcards, or customizable Scratchcards printed with your group photo!

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Do you have a fun holiday fundraising idea that you would like to share with the USA Fundraising community?

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