Top 3 Cheer Fundraisers

Top 3 Cheer Fundraisers

Wondering what are the top 3 product fundraisers in the cheer community? Check them out as well as some other different kind of cheer fundraisers.

Having been to many cheerleading events, spoken to many cheer Mom’s / Dad’s and coaches we know that fundraising is a very important part of a cheerleader’s life. It’s so many girls’ (and boys’!) dreams to make it to the championships! Some parents have the money to get them there without the need to raise funds, but most of them need some help.

We conducted a survey as to which were the top 3 favorite product fundraisers amongst the cheer community, and these were the answers we received:

COOKIE DOUGH COOKIE DOUGH AND MORE COOKIE DOUGH!! That was the #1 choice we got. Parents just love having frozen cookie dough in the freezer which they can pop in the oven and serve at any time. Not only is it convenient and raises great profits, but so yummy for the tummy!

The 2nd most popular fundraiser was Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program! Again, fast and easy, great to have when you are on a tight schedule between cheer events & school to eat at any time. Hmmmm…so good…not only are they tasty but Little Ceasar’s also provides you with perfect pizza tips and recipes.

The number #3 favorite product fundraiser amongst the cheer community was CHOCOLATE!!! I guess these cheerleaders definitely have a sweet tooth. Who can say no to mouth-watering chocolate, especially when it just costs $1 or $2?

This company specializes in liquidating used uniforms and helping find cheaper ones. So either you can send in your old uniforms to raise funds, or put your credit towards new uniforms so it will help you save money!

Happy Cheer Fundraising!

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