Top 4 Free Fundraising Resources

Top 4 Free Fundraising Resources

Here are top 4 Free Fundraising Resources:

Free Online Fundraising Store

There are a variety of free online fundraising programs out there, but this one offers one of the highest profit margins at a guaranteed 40% of all sales.  It’s free, and used by many high profile nonprofits like the Humane Society, WWF and others.  It’s easy to use, and excellent customer service is available (also at no cost) if you need it. Products include magazines, cookie dough, fundraising cards, jewelry, flowers, and new products are always being added.

Learn more about creating a free online fundraising store

Funds net Services – Free Fundraising Resources

Fundsnet Services is one of the web’s top resources for nonprofit grants and grant writing tips.  You can search for grant resources by organization type, and even find some helpful fundraising resources, all at no cost.

Search for grants

Product Fundraising Guide

Choosing a fundraising program is easy when all your information is laid out for you in one place.  eFundraising’s free fundraising guide provides you with detailed program overviews, bright graphics so you can see and understand the products, easy-to-understand profit charts, helpful tips and ideas and even special coupon offers.

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TechSoup – Free Fundraising Resources

Getting your organization online and making use of all the incredible technical innovations out there is made easier by TechSoup.  Take advantage of their community message board, and resources to help you find low cost and free technical solutions for your nonprofit.  If you’re new to the tech world, check out their Learning Center.

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