Custom Fundraising Made Easy

Custom Fundraising Made Easy

Custom T-Shirt Fundraiser: Made For YOU

Whether you’re promoting team spirit or igniting the competitive energy of your participants, a t-shirt fundraiser might just be the key to the success of your campaign!

Fun and fashionable t-shirts are an excellent medium for virtually any logo or message. Whether you’re a league or troupe promoting a uniform or a group of activists with a save-the-whales campaign, distributing a t-shirt for your next event is a great way to show your support for a cause, and to actively engage in the difference you’re making as a group.

It is easy to fundraiser and show spirit by simply having a logo or team motto displayed on the shirt’s front. The t-shirt image that you and your group members create will give them pride in wearing something that they designed themselves!

T-shirts are a great idea for both relays or rallies because they not only demonstrate the spirit of group members and attendees but participants can raise awareness and show support for the cause even if they cannot attend the event. Build your own army of social, political or medical missionaries!

One thing to keep in mind when deciding if this type of campaign is right for you is that there is usually a minimum t-shirt quantity that you must purchase. offers t-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes with a minimum quantity of only 12 t-shirts, which is a reasonable number for most group types, and if you order a certain number, you save a certain amount per shirt.

So how do you get more info or place an order? The process is as easy as calling an Fundraising consultant at 1.866.891.0053. They can provide you with all of the Tee shirt fundraising specifics and help you to decide if this fundraiser will work well for your group. If you choose to go ahead, you will need to submit your logo or message then you can preview the design with no obligations and approve it before placing your order. Orders can either be submitted upfront in one bulk request or tallied via free order forms that you distribute to your group members.

Your outfit deserves an outfit; put the T in team and start with one!

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