An Exciting Anytime Fundraiser

An Exciting Anytime Fundraiser

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Lollipop Fundraiser: Perfect All Year Round

When people think candy fundraiser they tend to think chocolate or candy bars, but lollipops may just be one of fundraising’s best kept secrets! They come in a variety of flavors, never fail to satisy one’s sweet tooth and are an easy choice for many group types.

Whether it’s a treat, a small snack, a gift or a pick-me-upper on a slow day, lollipops are loved and enjoyed by participants of all ages.

A lollipop fundraiser is an easy way to reach a fundraising goal and a great incentive for one! Lollipops by nature are iconic enough to always put a smile on faces, since you can’t help but associate these candies with delightful thoughts.

What’s more is that they never go out of season! Running a lollipop fundraiser several times a year is a savvy way to sweeten up the success and support of any occasion. You can also choose to cater your lollipop fundraiser to the season or to your group’s cause. They are available in a wide range of themes from Valentine and Easter to Sports and Faith.They don’t cost much, they sell easily, and sugarless ones are even available, making them a guilt-free treat!

So how about a Candy-gram for your sweetheart? Don’t forget that lollipops are small and portable, which extends your sales opportunities far and wide. Take them to the workplace! The benefit is that you don’t need too many volunteers for this type of fundraising idea.

Everyone loves lollipops, you don’t even have to explain what it is. They’re also high consumption items, meaning most people will buy more than one. As a predominantly cash-only transaction, the return is immediate too!

What more could you ask for? Choose your flavor and get popping!




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